Wednesday, January 5

Hello Again..Have We Met?

I haven't blogged in a terribly long time. The holidays took their toll and my blog went by the wayside. I apologize for my lack of contributions. Maybe I should make blogging each day a NY resolution. Might as well since I didn't make any others. I just didn't feel the need. Unlike previous years where I've vowed "to get in shape, lose weight, be nicer..etc..etc," this year I've just decided not to waste the valuable mental capacity and time making the commitment and rather just do my best. That way if I don't quite make my goal it's not like I had one to make in the first place. So yes, 2005 will be the year I become a svelte, curvy goddess and learn how to tell the truth in a manner less abrasive and try to be the best me I can everyday but if at the end of the year I'm still a chubby princess who's words rub people the wrong way just like sand paper then *shrug*. There's always '06!

But I am happy to say that there's something about this year that actually has me feeling vitalized. I'm ready to take on the year and make the most of the time I've got before the next NYE party.

So here's to doing my best and not fretting about looming obligations!

*clink* *clink*


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