Friday, December 17

I hate humanity and other Christmas sentiments...

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Yesterday, I had to pop online to see if Netflix had received my movies that I mailed back to them on Monday. Of course I knew they hadn't since I'd passed their torn open contents strewn up and down the sidewalk on my way back to my house BUT I WAS HOPING I was wrong. Alas, I wasn't. Why is when I WANT to be wrong, I never am.

So I firmly state I HATE HUMANITY! I hate someone who thinks geez I think I'll take those Netflix envelopes from that mailbox. Cause who, besides me, would enjoy watching a gay German art house flik, a Japanese hentai anime, and a British hairstyling movie? So I take meager pleasure in knowing that whoever did nab my Netflix movies and then littered the street with their remains will NOT be enjoying the fruit of their devious endeavors. ha HA!

So yeah today I'm wrapping goodies and presents for this family in need at work and I can't help but think, mr.jack and I ARE in need. I mean we're eating freaking ham sandwiches for the rest of month?? So I can't help but wonder if maybe I should chuck my job, my aspirations, and just start stealing, begging, and hoping for help. Cause at least then I can hate humanity for NOT helping me instead of hurting me.

Alas, it seems my love/hate relationship with humanity will forever float back and forth on the fence. Sometimes it's like the honeymoon stage and we can't get enough of each other and other times it's like we're in a loveless marriage that is broken beyond repair. So humanity, don't piss me off, cause I SERIOUSLY want to love you.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear, GTO does not equal hentai as most people view the word. Hentai usually involves tentacles, demons, elves, or some combination of the three. And those are the tame ones.

9:38 AM  
Blogger Jenny said...

LOL! But it just sounds so much funnier as a hentai: "gay German art house flik, a Japanese hentai anime, and a British hairstyling movie"

And don't worry, it's ok to hate the majority of humanity as long as you still love that special minority. That's how I do it! Most people are stupid scum, but there are plenty of wonderful people who I respect and/or love. Oops, there I go being "not PC" again. Heh

12:06 PM  
Blogger Josh said...

Which Britsi hairstyling movie? That wouldn't be "Blowdry" would it?

12:13 PM  
Blogger mrs.jack said...

Blowdry it is! Very good movie, btw.

10:00 AM  

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