Monday, December 6

Sneaky Hobo...

So I stayed up a bit too late playing WoW last night (WOO HOO Audie's a lvl 24!!) and therefore wasn't too eager to get out of bed this morning. So I asked mr.jack to take on a few of my morning chores, namely feeding the kitties and making myself three pieces of wheat toast. Well the kitties got fed but the toast just didn't happen. I figured it was a casualty of not getting up but mr.jack wasn't satisfied with the idea of sending his wife off to face work without proper nutrition. So he stopped off at McD's so I could get a breakfast happy meal. Mmm! That sausage biscuit was soo good as was the milk and apples. Very tasty! But the best part, you ask? Getting away with wearing crumbs on my shirt to work. Evil I am, no? Course then I realized that crumbs don't exactly equally attractive or professional so I brushed them off. But ooh that 5-seconds of crumb debauchery sure felt good. ;)


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