Thursday, December 16

Stuffed Mammal

Had our holiday office lunch today and i'm stuffed. When I can't figure out what to order I sometimes just guess and this time I didn't choose wisely. I had some paper thin noodle thing floating around in between slivers of cheese, hunks of chard, and chucks of squash. Seperately I enjoy them all but together I just couldn't muster the desire to chow down. So being the southern OCD girl I am I got a doggie bag, BECAUSE heaven forbid I suggest that I'm not in LOVE with whatever the frou frou restaurant serves me, that'd just be too honest...and therefore too embarrasing. So all of a sudden I think maybe if I surround myself with foods I loathe I'll end up losing mega-pounds and be a wisp woman in the very soon future. Course then just as my plan was taking hold in my brain, the dessert menu was placed down before me and I sucumbed to the delight of UBER-RICH chocolate brownie complete with caramel ice cream. IT WAS HEAVENLY and filled me up with caffinated joy and love so that now I'm on the point of bursting and feel like taking a very long nap. Course I couldn't finish it either but dreaded the idea of carting around TWO doggie bags (what would the people think?) so I left it there and gobbled up the remaining ice cream and then waddled back to the office to my chair, to sit my newly rounded behind in my relatively comfy chair until I can go home and sleep off this brownie-enduced haze. I am one stuffed mammal.


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