Tuesday, December 14

Leaves are falling just like snowflakes...

Right outside my window, there was a fierce storm of bright yellow leaves falling down from an already bare tree and I couldn't help but think..that's my snowfall. Sacramento doesn't see snow though to the east in Reno and Tahoe I hear people are skiing, snowboarding, and building snowmen, women, and children. However even with that knowledge I rarely make the trip to see it. There's just something about going away from home to get that homey Christmas feeling that just isn't right. So true I'll get drippy raindrops and yellow leaves instead of pure white snow but somehow I like it that way. Cause my Christmas isn't going to look like anything in the magazine and that's what makes it special.

So here I sit with my jacket on with cold fingers cause I refuse to close my window and enjoy yet another lovely little pattering of 'snow' and I can't help but think how it's so quirky and beautiful. It's just perfect for me, like Nutcracker ballerinas with hot pink mohawks and lime green tutus. Cause even though a traditional Christmas scene is only an hour away I still prefer my non-white Christmas complete with yellow leaves and lime green tutus.


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