Monday, December 13

Dashing through SF

Saturday, a rather large group of us got together to sing holiday carols to all those busy shoppers and city folk in SF. While the plans were sometimes sketchy we did indeed sing some songs, mumble some words, and make those we passed by smile. Mission Accomplished! I also learned that I have forgotten some of if not a good portion of the words of "Jingle Bells."

While in the city, we shopped in Japantown, visited Tiffany's (Louie's a YEAR OLD!), Williams-Sonoma, and checked out some various SF happenings. Such as the million Santa march that came like droves of locusts upon the Square. It was amazing to watch and I got quite a few pictures of them as they stopped traffic and 'ho ho ho'd' there way to a nearby bar. We also participated in a closing segment for some morning show that was filming in the square. What a busy day! With all this commotion it's a wonder we got any carroling done. But I'm glad we went and I'd do it again NEXT YEAR!

Sunday, mr.jack and I were wiped. So once again we VOWED not to make any plans for the upcoming weekend and just enjoy being us for awhile. We'll see how well I stick to that one. I'm notorious for signing up for everything and anything! Hopefully, tonight we'll get a tree, get it decorated, and get some laundry together to wash. But if we don't we can always procrastinate until the next day!

P.S. I think I might have upset the gods of all those who wear poop brown uniforms and deliver packages. I shall let you know.


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