Friday, December 10

Sometimes too far seems to be my only destination

Billy Joel said it best.."Why do I always go to extremes?" back in the 80's, a decade of extremity to the extreme. Heck I even think "to the extreme" was a popular catch phrase back then, course I could be wrong. I was just a wee babe for half of the 10 year ME generation festival.

But I digress, my insurance went up $1200 dollars much to my disgust. So I've been not so silently fuming about it to mr.jack. I even called his car insurance people to get a quote that was much more than my new inflated one. So I just talked and talked about why oh why was my insurance going to be so very high. Mr.jack as usual was solid and firm with the "there is nothing you can do about it tonight so call them in the morning." So I did and it turns out I'm paying more for an accident I had, BIG SURPRISE. But because I'm now a MRS. my insurance went down signifigantly. WOOT! So instead of $1200 dollars extra I'm only going to pay $24 dollars more. *sigh* What a relief!

So now that this major panic has past I can't help but wonder why do I have to get some extremely jittery and nervous about it? Why can't I just take mr.jack's solid advice and wait until tomorrow when I'm sure to get the answer from an insurance phone jockey on the East Coast? I'm starting to notice a pattern in my life that I swing from one extreme to another and I can't help but wonder why? I mean sure my life is pretty exciting with it's course of high highs and low lows but what about enjoy some midwest flatness? (This from the girl who left the midwest for more scenic, high adventure country.) I suppose even my choice of moving to CA could be viewed as trading in the mundane and safe for the more scary and possibly rewarding. So maybe it's not so much that "going too far, too high, or too low" is my only destination maybe it's that it's the only map I trust.

Either way I appreciate having a sage like mr.jack for a guide who reminds me not to lose my stomach in preparation for the next big hill. I certainly couldn't take on this ride by myself.


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