Thursday, April 20

"Oh you're so good..."

Since I've started dieting I hear that a lot. Which I guess means I'm doing what I'm supposed but sometimes I just don't want to hear it. It makes me feel bad momentarily and pause. I realize they are commending me but it brings me down because it makes me feel like I'm flaunting the fact I'm drinking water instead of something yummy. (note to self: Miss Mt. Dew!) I tend to blow it off as I do most compliments because I'm not doing this to be 'good' I'm doing this because it has to be done. There is no good or bad to it, it's just what it is and I have to get it under control.

Meh, whatever. I'm just going to let it roll off my back and say thanks next time. Not much I can do. I will NOT become one of those "dieting people." I refuse to tout my diet to other people because dieting is poopy and unless you really want to, it's not really worth it. Somehow I think the American Diabetic Association won't be quoting me in their next phamplet. ;)


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