Monday, April 24

Paper Dolls

I am a paper dolls!
Find your own pose!

Strange, how such random questions could prove to reveal so very much. Husband and I typically do end up sleeping like this. We start out cuddled together and spoon but by the time we wake up only our fingers or toes are touching.

So this last weekend, was hijacked by allergies. Husband took care of me, while I begged him for spaghetti meal after meal. He'd ask me what I wanted with it and I'd say, "Nothing I just want spaghetti." Then after I'd gobbled down a regular sized portion, I'd tell him I was still hungry. How infuriating! Poor love, I think by Sunday night he was going to pull my hair out.

But I'm back on the job on Monday. I'm taking allergy meds and I've called in asking for a new prescription from my Dr. We'll see if she'll actually prescribe me something without looking me over. I'm not too optimistic but here's hoping.

This is the first weekend, I didn't go to my WW meeting. I was just too sick to get out of bed. And on Sunday, I didn't wash my face. It felt so strange not to wash my face whe I woke up and before I went to bed. Glad to say I got up this morning and promptly washed my face and felt much better.

I'm not sure how long these allergens are going to plague me but I'm hoping they'll be at bay soon. I can't stand not being able to walk at lunch. Yet I dread going outside and coming back feeling sicker than before.


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