Friday, April 28

Sheep and I say BAH!

What the crap is up with my lack of allergy meds? Seriously! Stupid HMO won't approve the meds the doctor prescribed so now I'm waiting until they bicker it out.
/rolls eyes

Since my allergies have flared up, I've had to cancel walking at lunch which was my major source of exercise. I'm hoping to replace it with swimming but we'll see. I need something that's going to be as aerobic. And I need to start doing weights and that sort of poop. I can't let my allergies knock me off course when I've been so good at exercising so far.

Once again my face is getting a bit oily but only because the timely time of the month is soon upon us. Funny how now that my skin is relatively calmed down my hair is bothering me. I'm tempted to make an appointment and chop it all off. I know I was wanting to grow it out but I forgot how bad it looks when I do.

I suppose there are worse tragedies than lack of allergy meds and wiggedy wack frizzy hair but to a girl, there really isn't. But at least it's almost the weekend. Tonight I get to kick back and do whatever I please. Talk to my friends online and play WoW. And all in T minus 13 minutes. Stupid waiting for 5 o'clock. Seriously BAH!


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