Tuesday, August 22

I wish everday could be Art Day

When I was in grade school we had days when we went to Music, Art, or P.E. I hated P.E. cause it always just reminded me I was out of shape, overweight, and not coordinated. And music class was okay but the teacher drove me crazy. But I loved Art class. I remember not wanting to put my markers or paints away. Wanting to stay in the Art Room for hours just basking in the skylights and painting. I still feel that way.

So there are times when I lose myself and I just randomly start doodling. I think it's my only way of finding peace. Sort of like meditating just with a more productive outcome. When I'm doing graphic design, not so much. I take my love of art and I force it to be precise and I'm highly judgemental. But when I'm doodling, like I was during my highly important meeting, I don't panic. I know there is always more ink and always more scratch paper.

Something I made today...here.


Blogger Rob Rough said...

I am right there with you. Gym class was "last picked" hell. Art Class... now you're on my turf. I could do things with Elmer's glue and macaroni that would make Da Vinci weep.

I can tell - we would have sat next to each other and had a ball.

8:09 PM  

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