Tuesday, January 25

Ever wonder..."What have I done?"

I suppose 25 days of cheeriness was bound to end eventually but 2005 had shown such promise. I really thought maybe I'd have a year full of me being happy and smiling and enjoying even the most bleak, nasty, foggy weather but as you can probably surmise, today was the last of the good times.

Appling for this new job (guess even blogging it out can't stop an OCD, like me) has really made me start thinking, What have I done? I traded in a rather not so hot job where I was super responsible, handling thousands of dollars to a job where I'm handling envelopes. I realize I should be grateful and I am deep down. I mean this job got me and mr.jack through some financial times that could have been very grim. But now with him working full-time our financial strife is over and I'm ready to return to the big stuff. I want a job where I'm treated like the capable, intelligent woman I am and not some college nobody who's just surfing through this life.

I suppose regardless of whatever job I have I have to realize I am more than my job. But when I commit 40 hours a week to something I'd like it to give me back a feeling of respect instead of "wtf."

I'm whining I know and I have_zippo_room to complain but nonetheless I'm ready to move on to bigger, brighter things. I need a future.


Blogger Jenny said...

Hey, feel free to complain - you're doing something about the situation so you've earned the right. I've never believed in staying stuck somewhere just for the money. I will not turn myself into a slave for money. And you're right, as much time as we spend at work we owe it to ourselves to at least try to find something that we find worthwhile and meaningful. And that will be different for everyone. So complain all you want, as long as you keep trying for better. I'm proud of you girl! And of me. :)

10:47 AM  

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