Wednesday, January 19

Walking away from the Computer Generated Light...

I've been suffering lately, joyfully mind you, but suffering none the less. Well not me per se but my life. My little life has been abandoned and given up on for the life of another. Sounds like a gracious, giving sort of thing, but trust me it isn't. It's WoW or World of Warcraft. My lil gnome's life quickly became more important than my own and I let things like laundry, blogging, and breathing (had it not been for my persistent lungs) go by the way side. But just as spring is blooming slowly and quietly outside my window, my own life is start to awaken from its own cold winter and demand priority. So it is with some sadness and regret that I step away from my sweet lil gnome with the cute impish smile and beehive hairdo. "Sorry Audie, I have another character I have to play for a while...namely myself."

So I might not be WoW'ing again for a bit cause I've got some mopping, litter box cleaning, and living to do. But I'm pretty sure Audie will be right where I left her when I once again step into the glow of our new flat panel.


Blogger Jenny said...

You can join me in being a weekend warrior. :) And new flat panel??? Drool..........

3:43 PM  

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