Thursday, January 13

Novel Idea for God

Today like most days I received an email telling me how the government is slowly whittling God from our history, future, etc. And how I should be apalled and take action and not let our history be changed by some evil God hating polictian. And in most cases I agree but will rarely ever take action because personally in all the things I could do in the name of our creator, making sure he gets referenced on a monument isn't first on my list.

Instead I'd rather send those people who email me a response: Instead of restoring our history and adding all our historical biblical references back. Why not use that time, thought, and desire and DO SOMETHING that shows the love of God today! Why not say, oppose bombing another country because someone told us to? or try and raise awareness/support of those in need in your community? or perhaps even give your neighbor a friendly smile and ask how they're doing?

Let's face it we can fight over lots of stupid, unimportant stuff in the name of my God or your God. But maybe we should put down our guns, brutal words, and hatred and just DO something to honor God. Let this religious zeal shine through you instead of deflect it into a hopeless email that will only sit in my e-trash can until I empty it three months later. If you really care for Him (whoever He/She is?) then do something to honor him that would actually benefit someone else and then instead of worrying about preserving history you're actually improving the future. Novel idea, no?


Blogger Jenny said...

Sounds like a darned good idea to me. Too bad action actually takes a bit of courage and determination, while sending emails just takes time. Ah well, maybe someone will be inspired. :)

2:07 PM  

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