Monday, January 24

Obsess No More Version 12.0/Cheetah (Depending on your OS)

So Jenny this morning suggested that if I wrote out what I was thinking about that maybe I would stop obsessing. I'm not sure either way but figured there wouldn't be much harm in giving it a try.

So with the assurance of my friends, Saturday night I applied for a graphic artist position. While I'm not all together too sure about my chances, (I mean I know I could do it but up against the likes of God's Gift to Graphic Design I don't stand much of a chance), I am sure that if I did get the position I do a really kick arse job. Especially since it's the logical step since my prior graphic design job. Speaking of which, the idea of jumping back into the field makes me nervous considering how crazy and messed up things got before. But I assume that the previous circumstances had more to do with self-imposed pressure (on their part and mine) and less to do with the field since prior to that it was nothing but love between me and my G.D. But even with all the G.D. love in the air I can't help but have tinges of fear. The ever so natural yet incredibly annoying "what if's?"

Upside is, even if I don't get called or interviewed or offered the job, I had a good Monday today. Just the idea that I could return to something I loved so much and took so much pride in doing has lifted my spirits and helped the day zoom by. So maybe I'll just keep my eyes peeled for any potential Marketing/Graphic Design jobs since that seems to be the way I'm leaning.

And I guess Jenny is right, typing this out does make me feel better.


Blogger Jenny said...

Yay, I'm glad it helped. I'm also reminded of the line about bravery not being the lack of fear, but feeling the fear and doing it anyway. And I know you can be brave - moving to CA alone must have taken courage, leaving behind family, friends and the familiar. Change is always scary, even if it is for the better. :) I know how you feel too, I was feeling very afraid and stuck, and applying for jobs has made me feel so much better. Instead of being unhappy with my situation I feel like I'm doing my best to make things better.

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