Wednesday, February 2

It's On...Again..

So I'm back in love, with my job-the very job that I vehemently detested just last week. I swear I am either A) a person who doesn't hold grudges (which I know not to be true) or B) I have the emotional memory of a goldfish (Oooh..look that pink castle is new...2 seconds later...oooh what a pretty new castle!)

Don't worry I am rolling my eyes with you. I mean thankfully I didn't barge into my boss' office and yell "I QUIT!" But how good of a relationship could this be if I'm so quickly drawn back in? I distinctly recall having the "i love you, i hate you" feelings when I was at the "aforementioned well paying job in hell" so is it me? Or is this just the way working at a job is? Do you sometimes love it and want to buy it flowers after a nice day and the next day want to rip it's beating heart out with your hands?

I mean should I really look for another job if this one is good enough? Sure it's not something I'm exactly happy to do but I'm not upset about it that much. Where is that line in the sand for me? I know I won't be here forever but shouldn't I be here longer than a year? *shrugs*

I am so not sure but I'll enjoy the ride for the time being.


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