Wednesday, May 24

Fresh Fruit

It's almost 5 here and yet another day DONE! Another evening at home, getting to do whatever I want! I just now remembered that the Farmer's Market is tonight so husband and I are going to go over and walk around. Maybe pick up some fresh fruit & veggies. I'm getting tired of a bagel for breakfast and want something different.

Also, I'm updating my blog because:
a. I need to.
b. I have no more work to do. Er, well I have no more than I'm doing today.
c. I'm sooo ready to leave and sneak outside into the cool weather and read my magazine instead of sit up in my penthouse office with the muggy hot air! (Why didn't I just OPEN the window instead of sit here, feeling muggy! ARGH!)

Monday, May 8

Things I like

I like the pattern for the bedroom.