Thursday, September 30

Obsess about food much?

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I just noticed my last three pictures that I posted have all been of food. Either food that I would have consumed had it not been for the much exhaulted kettle corn or because I wasn't in China to munch down on Herman's granny's cake.

Anyways, here's a non-food picture to break thing up a bit. Course the real test will be today to see if I lose weight at my WW meeting tonight.

Wish me luck!

I've Only Got Nose...For You....

Little Tomatoes
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I'm the sort that goes to the Farmer's Market to buy kettle corn. Even when surrounded by the earth's bounty of colors, tastes and textures, I'm still attracted to the unnaturally sweet kettle corn. It's as if my nose is a radio that automatically tunes itself to the K.Corn frequency. Even when scents of sliced asian pears and homemade chicken soup bombard the air, my nose only smells the sugary salty flavor or kettle cooked popcorn.

I did get some lovely pictures while I was there and am tempted to post them all. Speaking of something lovely, I saw the head of a sunflower loaded with seeds. It was pretty cool to see and visually awaken to the idea that my summertime seeds actually don't grow naturally in the plastic 50 cent bags that bloom at roadside gas stations.

Afterwards, Paul, Jourdan and I continued our conversation about how we could afford to live in SF if each of us went in together on a place with two other people. I jokingly mentioned we should start looking for this "fictious" home and Paul agreed. So maybe we'll get to start house shopping in SF for our "never to be" home. What fun!

Wednesday, September 29

My Life: Animal Style

animal style
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So last night, Jourdan (Mr. Jack) and I were very productive good little humans. We did our laundry, however not near enough to tackle Mt. Needs Washing that lives between our bathroom and our bedroom. But enough that I won't be wearing stinky jeans to work or trying to make a ketchup stain appear to be a fashion statement.

Speaking of ketchup, before we went over to his mom's house to borrow the free washer/dryer, we stopped off at California's Numero Uno Burger Joint, In & Out. I'd heard from Sandler that the newest craze all the kids were trying is fries, animal style. I'm a HUGE fan of their burgers and always get my I&O burger done animal style, so I was eager to try the fries. In one word: messy. They tasted good but I had to borrow some of his clean fries to enjoy them. I'd order them again but hold the sauce and with another order of plain fries. Not to mention I wouldn't get my burger done AS either. Just a bit too much animal for this mammal.

So after the belly got fed, I parked my hindquarters on mom's sofa and delved into the world of trash TV. Currently, I live cable/TV free and rely on books, magazines, video games, crazy kitties, mr. jack, and netflix for my entertainment. I like to think I've blossomed during this zen-like TV free existence but last night...I realize I might just be fooling myself. After flipping from A-Z Angelina Jolie on Vh1 to Swapping Moms on FOX back to Queer Eye, I realized that my zen-like existence is as much of a sham as cubic zirconium. Not that I'm going to be rushing out to sign up for PREMIUM EXTREME cable but I certainly won't be looking down my nose at any shmoe who watches reality crap TV. I may be a trendy asshole but I refuse to be a hypocritical one.

Tuesday, September 28

How Do You Say "Welcome Back" in Chinese?

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Herman, a.k.a Hai Ming to all those in "the know", came back in the office today. Along with getting to hear great stories about a far off land called "China." I also got to see great pictures of family, friends and a wall they have over there of slighty impressive length (some might even call it Great).

The picture I chose from the several of cute cousins and Walls of Slightly Impressive Length is the picture of Herman's Grandmother's Birthday cake. Herman bought it for his Grandma himself, which I think is pretty sweet of him. I have no idea what the thing on top is, though. Maybe it's a peach. *shrug* Either way it looks yummy and I would be lying if I said I wouldn't want to sink my canines into a piece of that cake. Yum-mee!

Kevlar from VS

Today, I'm prepared. Should a stray linebacker wander my way or a bullet whiz by me on it's pre-appointed journey to 'cap' someone, I'll be okay. All thanks to my trusty pink undergarment or bra for those of you not raised to be Southern sweet/timid. Yes, this sweet little dainty garment could easily shield off a thousand different advances and still lift me to me up to attain bodily proportions I once thought unattainable. Not to mention, IT'S PINK. (Sometimes I can be such a girl!)

Monday, September 27

Buddy, the other man.

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Today I lunched with him. He nibbled on the tomato and lettuce from my taco. His deep brown eyes pleading with me for more.

I had a great day today. Kathleen, my boss, has been bringing sweet Buddy in since he may have pulled a muscle in his front leg and needs some r&R. Today she had a meeting during lunch so I got to chow down with the furry man outside the MU. Lucky ME! :)