Friday, January 27

I swing between starved & stuffed

Since I started dieting (ONLY 3 DAYS AGO?!?) I've swayed between starving and stuffed. Usually I start my swing shift around 4 p.m. But whatever. I feel better aside from the rumbling in my tummy. I'm really hoping this pays off and I lose some weight next Tuesday. If I don't, I think I'll become the Hulk, rip my clothes, and cannibalize the rest of the meeting attendees. Y'know, or I'll grumble and step off the scale.

But whatever, that's not until Tuesday (which is so far away) and I a dinner party this Saturday! Woooot! I'm excited about picking a new goal. It appears that personal goals must be kept to three or less.

1. Clean My Face
This zap zit goo has really knocked out the recurring zits. My face is starting to look much better. Yeah!! I even kicked the "evil tip of my nose zit monster" off his lofty throne before he ever made a full fledged appearence. That really deserves a woot woot!

2. Dinner Party
Tonight, we're making the CPP and Key Lime Pie for the Party on Sunday. I'm really hopeful that everything goes well. Meow is already talking about planning the next one at the end of February. He mentioned making a wine list for our pot luck. Well more of a menu. I just might do that while I'm waitinf for 4:59 at work.

3. Lose Weight
We couldn't lunch at Applebee's today because every electrician and old granny was there eating at the annual "Old Lady and Middle Aged Electrician" luncheon. So we hauled it over to Cafe Italia, which was also a tad full. Since it was a bit of a shake up I was nervous about what I was going to order but I had a garden burger with pickles and peppers on the side. Both pickles and peppers being far healthier and WW friendly than french fries. But tonight we're treating ourselves to an In and Out burger and splitting the fries. I'm so excited to get to eat like a normal person! Husband and I talked about how we couldn't do this diet again if we didn't eat like normal people. I'm thinking about trying to take some of my favorite food recipes and trying to slim them down a bit, since I've become a big fan of cooking.

Wednesday, January 25

Last night, husband and I went back to Weight Watchers. The hardest part of the evening was actually walking out of the car to the meeting. Not physically hard but emotionally. This whole program, while incredibly beneficial, is tough for me to start. It means taking care of something I'd rather ignore and it also means that I have a problem. /gasp I'm not perfect! /gasp Once I got inside, it was the usual routine. Everyone is friendly and nice and the leader is pleasant enough. Not quite as fun as our previous leader who was a "balls to the walls" type. But where Gretchen, our first leader, was encouraging in a loud and course way, this new leader is soft and gentle. Her personality almost reminds of a laundry dryer sheet. She's soft, smells nice, and just makes you feel warm and snuggly afterwards. MY LEADER IS SNUGGLES THE FABRIC SOFTNER BEAR!!! So after the meeting, we went to Safeway and bought waay too much healthy food. I think mostly because we know we have to surround ourselves with healthy food and also because we were starving. We didn't leave the grocery store until 8, waay past our dinner time. So I had egg flower soup (2 points) and he had veggies and chicken stir fry. We watched Frankie & Johnny. And I realized that Al Pacino always looked old.

1. Clean My Face

Bought some zap your zit goo at the grocery store. I swear all this zit hunting makes me think of my face a big Space Invaders game screen.

2. Dinner Party
I realized on our drive home for the Safeway (when all I could think about was food) was that we are going to have loads of sides and etc. along with a main entree or two but no dessert. I think I'm going to make my key lime bars again except in pie shape.

Lime Bars

Tuesday, January 24

10 minutes until I need to be at the bus stop

I almost wrote bust stop there. Actually I did. I wonder what a bust stop would be like. Just loads and loads of female chests waiting around. I bet men would sure love that. Just lots of disembodied girl chests, with arms and legs, just standing around and waiting. Some might have nice VS bras on maybe the more liberal ones would be without.


1. Clean My Face
Chin Monsters! 2 at the moment with 1 on the way. Filthy bastards! I need to buy some acne cream pronto.

2. Dinner Party
I talked to Meow, who's house I'm holding the Dinner Party at, last night. He's planning on making something as well. I think that means I might only need to make one CPP instead of the two I had planned. Course they do store so well that I could make an extra and give it away as leftovers.

Mmm...bust stop.

Side note: I was so tired last night that I skipped Knitting Class. BAD ME!

Monday, January 23

Another weekend saved by Tylenol

Friday night we made a most delicious test pot pie. I'm actually impressed with myself and Mr. Perla. These little cooking adventures are good for many reasons. The foremost being it reminds me that he is so incredibly important to my daily sanity/survival. As where I glance at the recipe, he actuallys_reads_it. I can't explain how important this is because I'm certain our CPP would have been an utter mess if I'd tried it single handely. CPP isn't CPP without..Oh I don't know..sauce! But between my "rushed" approach and his far more attentive and detail approach, we made a super CPP. I'm thinking the pot luck with be a success!

Oh..I got so lost in my CPP euphoria I forgot to mention the rest of the weekend. I woke up sick Saturday morning. How I could go from a CPP high to a cold flu low is unknown. /shrug But after a couple tylenol I was feeling much better and Mr. Jack and ran out for ice cream and Borders time. I love walking around Borders. /le sigh I also picked up the newest Bust magazine complete with interview with Peaches.

Sunday, I was determined to make up for my lack of Saturday by cramming Sunday full of fun activities until I poo'd fun. (I never really poo'd fun but y''s a goal.) We bought me new shoes (one work reliable pair and one PINK!), bought husband some cologne, /le snif snif & swoon..we ate at the Olive Garden, we watched Matador, we visited the in-laws, and we bought yarn for tonight's knitting class. It was a really nice day. One of those that's just...nice. /smile

1. Clean My Face
Kept up religiously with the Clinque cleaning. Maybe I should apply to become a deacon or bishop at the church of Clinque. It's hard for me to keep up with anything but this is a first!

2. Dinner Party
Keep getting in RSVPs with dishes that are being brought! Woot! As I mentioned we made a successful and yummy test CPP. I think we're going to be okay.

Friday, January 20

So ready for a weekend...

I'm so ready to sleep in. I've been having the most happy, bizarre dream lately that I keep not finishing. Then I start it all over again the next night. Something involving a man named Abraham who is a passenger on the bus I'm driving. Anyway, maybe I can finish my dream without Kylie Minogue busting in waking me up. A CD alarm clock sounded like such a good idea. Now it just really makes me not like the song that wakes me up.

1. Clean My Face
Okay, I know this is creepy, but I really love blackheads. When those Biore blackhead strips came out I think I died and went to heaven. I just love skin and what it does. Anyway, this brings me to my PORE OF the day report! I had a blackhead on the edge of my lip that I got to cleanse today! Woot! I really should get a microscope cause I'd love to be able to examine the many layers of dirt inside the popped out remains. Oh damn..I am so freaking wierd!!

2. Dinner Party
Husband and I are going to do a test run on the chicken pot pie tonight. I'm rather hopeful. It's going to be educational no matter what. This is the first time I'm making a recipe from epicurious so we shall see.

Side note: We finished Rune Soldier last night. I have to say the series was okay but the final episode certainly made it all worth it. I have a feeling this is one I'll be wanting to re-watch.

Side note 2: I'm adding a picture in hopes that readers will forgive me for the pore fetish. /sigh

Cat Nap

Thursday, January 19

Back from bed...the story continues

Well after a long holiday weekend spent cleaning house and only leaving those same four walls for hours at a time, I'm pleased and joyful even to head to work. Being sick has that effect on me. If I'm really sick I realize how nice not being sick is and suddenly appreciate everything so much more. Perhaps I should get sick more often. Just start licking random dirty windows in hopes of another virus. It's a thought.

1. Clean My Face
My face is going to be a permanent battle, I think. Not that I'm giving up or throwing in the cotton ball, in this case, but I'm realizing that my skin isn't going to be pristine like it once was when I was pre-PCOS and pre-hormones. I'm not upset about if anything the challenge is exciting. It's like the zits have formed a collective and thrown down the gauntlet. I shall indeed TAKE THIS CHALLENGE!

2. Dinner Party
I sent out the email today about the dinner party. I'm happy that most of the responses I've received so far have been yes and they've actually included the side type they plan to bring. Woot! I also found a chicken pot pie recipe that I want to test before I serve it. Btw, I picked chicken pot pie as the main entree. Everyone who has responded so far seems rather enthused. So I need to do a test CPP this weekend. Maybe even another during the week. Jourdan and I will be pot pied before we even get to our potluck. He hee.

Side note: I found my camera transfer cable again. Still missing the answering machine though.

Friday, January 13

I smell like bed..

...and not in a good way.

After much persuading yesterday, I went home at lunch sick. Everyone was right I am just sick. Mr. Jack really stuck it to me when he said "Taking care of yourself isn't just about buying expensive goo." So I stayed home again today. Woke up sometime around noon. Sweaty, nasty and feeling yuck. I've been moping around ever since. But I'm happy to admit that I am feeling a wee bit better. I won't be running around the block this weekend but maybe my entire 3-day weekend isn't blown just yet.

1. Clean My Face
Regardless of how sick, I crawled out of bed and cleaned my face this morning. Course I've now got a wee zit by my temple. /sigh

2. Dinner Party
Putting planning off until I'm feeling better. The idea of talking about food isn't a pleasant one.

Wednesday, January 11

Night and Day...

Today has been an action packed day yet it's only 3:00 o'clock. The Daily Dish won't even be up yet! /sigh

Goal #1: Clean up my face!

So last night on a whim, I stopped by the Clinque counter in the student bookstore. (Btw, who have ever heard of a bookstore having a makeup counter?!?) I hoped I'd time it right and make my purchases (see here and here) before the bus left. I was in luck! By the time I got to the bus station, the bus wasn't even there yet. Turns out I was either very early (highly unlikely) or they were very late (closer to the truth!) [Side note: Mr. Jack's bus was on time so we got to walk home together! Aw...((I'm such a dork!))] But back to my goal - I've been having some rather unsightly blemis- Oh I'll just be frank! -my face has looked like a battlefield and my chin and mouth area have been bombed severly. While I don't have many if any new zits the old marks still show like beauty battle scars. So I'm hoping that not only will these new products help me keep the troops at bay but also get rid of the horrid red reminders. I'll let you know.

Goal #2: Throw a successful dinner party!
I need to call Popo and set up a date for the dinner party as well as send out evites. Oh and that pesky little..what to serve decision. /grin

Well back to work! Only fifteen more minutes before my daily dish of gossip! Woot!

Update: Dish is up at 3:12! I'm such a lucky girl!!

Tuesday, January 10


Just about to head off to lunch at the Moo with Mr. Jack. This'll have to be quick like.

Goal #1: Clean up my face!
My face is vastly improving. Clinque is a beautiful if not expensive thing. Though I am taking a bit of joy in watching the toner diminish a bit each day and watch as the embedded "Clinque" in my bar of soap becomes less visible after multiple washes. Just nice to see that I am indeed using purchase.

Goal #2: Throw a successful dinner party!

So I told Paul, whose house I'm using for the Dinner Party, that he was hosting a dinner party. We agreed on later this month and the potluck idea. We've even started mentioning it to friends. I'm getting rather excited. Need to start looking for desserts and sides, etc.

Well must jet. Started knitting class last night. Wow! There are just some things you can not learn from a book. Kissing, how to make pie crust, and knitting are just a few.

Thursday, January 5

Riding the Zit Rollercoaster

Goal #1: Clean up my face!

OY! OY! OY! A freaking nother one! Holiest of holy craps! But I will say this little wee zit is so muy pequeno (that's itsy bitsy for the non-Spanish readers). So I'll take my joy where I can get it. On the upside the nasty chin dweller seems to be on the downward spiral. Course I'm going to be having my monthly joy soon so we shall see how it affect my face.

I made Lime Squares with Pistachio Graham-Cracker Crust from my Everday Food magazine. I'm quite pleased to say that these did not make it to work because Mr. Perla liked them too much. I know it's so corny but knowing that I made something he really likes makes me feel so good. Not to mention they are quite tasty but rich so I can't eat too many. But I brought a few to work today and made sure to hand them out to some friends. They all raved about them. What nice people! Though I think next time I'm going to try the fat-free sweetened condensed milk just to see what sort of difference it makes.

Tomorrow night is the brother-in-law's birthday along with grandma-in-law. We're going to a nice restaurant so I'm excited. Which reminds me! Goal #2: Throw a successful dinner party!

Wednesday, January 4

Goal #1: Clean up my face!

Last night, Mr. Perla was a bit tuckered out so he went to bed quite early. So I continued to play Animal Crossing until I got my little lighthouse from the turtle mayor. (Yes, as I describe the activities of my previous evening, I begin to realize how incredibly dorky I am.) But after I'd finished my AC game, I stared in at the snoozing adorable boy shaped lump in our bed and I could no longer resist. (Note how I attribute this to him! I'M SCOTT FREE o' Blame!) So I washed my face again with my new Clinque trio. (Side note #3: It makes my lips burn or well tingle hotly when I use the soap. I might have to use some moisturizing balm to counter this.) Now, back to my previous tangent, so I crawled into bed with the boy lump and went to sleep at 8 p.m. (Yes, I'm a dork, I know!) And I slept quite soundly only to wake up at midnight, rather rested and not quite that sleepy. But I perservered and slept more only to wake up a little less than an hour later. By this point, my skin was feeling "oily" and I was starting to freak. So I used the toner once more and gave each of the three nasty red blob a good cleaning before noticing a FOURTH?!? What the crap?! I was a bit disappointed and went back to bed to sleep until 2:15 a.m. By then the boy lump was up again and realized his folly because now he'd once again be tired because of a lack of sleep once again. Oh how we create our own woe! I willed myself on and off to sleep until finally the alarm rang. I got up and went potty while I chuckled over my dream that started about being a Brady Bunch spoof and ended up with me as a rather sexy Jan Brady making out with Brian from Queer As Folk. Somehow the power of Brady turned very gay Brian into "very straight" Brian who enjoy making out with Jan in the middle fo the street in suburbia. Damn, I can't stay on my point today! Whatever so I was pleased to see this morning that not only are the three nasty red blobs on the retreat but the rest of my skin sans dry lips are improving! Woot! Now get me some moisturizing lip gloss cause it's time to make out with Brian!

Tuesday, January 3

new resolution: do what I want.

After a week of waking up mid-morning, my sleep schedule has gone haywire. So haywire in fact that I lay in bed at night thinking. Thinking at night has got to be one of the most dangerous practices known to man. Anything, including the idea I'm about to present, sounds revolutionary at 2 a.m. in the morning. And so it is with that understanding, I present my new blog goal: To Do What I Want. I don't mean this to sound self centered or negative. But how often have I thought "Wow, I'd really like to try open sea kayaking," yet I never even look into the possibility. So I'm going to take this blog and chronicle what I want and if/how I get it done. My wants might not always be interesting and sometimes might not even be logical but merely for a social experiment, with myself as the gineau pig, I'm going to attempt to do what I want.

Goal #1: Clean up my face!
I have outrageous zits right now. It's driving me crazy in fact. So last week I bought some cleanser, toner, moisterizer and tried it out. While some parts of my face look lovely and shimmery. Other parts look ravaged by monsterous red hideous sores. Oh the joys of combination skin! Apparently not even my skin type can settle on just one thing. So last night, I stopped off at a local department store and picked up the Clinque face wash trio. Already my skin feels better. I still have the remains of two red beasties and one on the way (little chin dwelling bastard!) but even they feel appeased and soothed. My goal is to get my crap complexion back in order and then religiously wash my face so I won't be greeted every morning by my apple cheeks and satan in the form of a zit on my chin.