Monday, January 31

He Said No To Killer Cuteness...

Pink Mixer Cuteness
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This weekend we went to Berkeley and of coure Sur La Table, my favorite lil gourmet cookware store. While there I saw a wonderfully cute PINK Kitchen Aid mixer on sale for $190 and pointed out to Mr. Perla that it'd be soo nice in our "cozy 1920's charmed" kitchen. But he reminded me since HE does most of the cooking he gets to pick out the Kitchen Aid Mixer and when he does it WILL NOT be pink. :P Some people and their lack of taste, I swear! So needless to say we didn't pick it up.

What I love most is that the fact we don't have room for said mixer in our "cozy" kitchen never entered the conversation. He indulges me so!

Friday, January 28


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Validation is so nice.

Tuesday, January 25

Ever wonder..."What have I done?"

I suppose 25 days of cheeriness was bound to end eventually but 2005 had shown such promise. I really thought maybe I'd have a year full of me being happy and smiling and enjoying even the most bleak, nasty, foggy weather but as you can probably surmise, today was the last of the good times.

Appling for this new job (guess even blogging it out can't stop an OCD, like me) has really made me start thinking, What have I done? I traded in a rather not so hot job where I was super responsible, handling thousands of dollars to a job where I'm handling envelopes. I realize I should be grateful and I am deep down. I mean this job got me and mr.jack through some financial times that could have been very grim. But now with him working full-time our financial strife is over and I'm ready to return to the big stuff. I want a job where I'm treated like the capable, intelligent woman I am and not some college nobody who's just surfing through this life.

I suppose regardless of whatever job I have I have to realize I am more than my job. But when I commit 40 hours a week to something I'd like it to give me back a feeling of respect instead of "wtf."

I'm whining I know and I have_zippo_room to complain but nonetheless I'm ready to move on to bigger, brighter things. I need a future.

Monday, January 24

Obsess No More Version 12.0/Cheetah (Depending on your OS)

So Jenny this morning suggested that if I wrote out what I was thinking about that maybe I would stop obsessing. I'm not sure either way but figured there wouldn't be much harm in giving it a try.

So with the assurance of my friends, Saturday night I applied for a graphic artist position. While I'm not all together too sure about my chances, (I mean I know I could do it but up against the likes of God's Gift to Graphic Design I don't stand much of a chance), I am sure that if I did get the position I do a really kick arse job. Especially since it's the logical step since my prior graphic design job. Speaking of which, the idea of jumping back into the field makes me nervous considering how crazy and messed up things got before. But I assume that the previous circumstances had more to do with self-imposed pressure (on their part and mine) and less to do with the field since prior to that it was nothing but love between me and my G.D. But even with all the G.D. love in the air I can't help but have tinges of fear. The ever so natural yet incredibly annoying "what if's?"

Upside is, even if I don't get called or interviewed or offered the job, I had a good Monday today. Just the idea that I could return to something I loved so much and took so much pride in doing has lifted my spirits and helped the day zoom by. So maybe I'll just keep my eyes peeled for any potential Marketing/Graphic Design jobs since that seems to be the way I'm leaning.

And I guess Jenny is right, typing this out does make me feel better.

Wednesday, January 19

Walking away from the Computer Generated Light...

I've been suffering lately, joyfully mind you, but suffering none the less. Well not me per se but my life. My little life has been abandoned and given up on for the life of another. Sounds like a gracious, giving sort of thing, but trust me it isn't. It's WoW or World of Warcraft. My lil gnome's life quickly became more important than my own and I let things like laundry, blogging, and breathing (had it not been for my persistent lungs) go by the way side. But just as spring is blooming slowly and quietly outside my window, my own life is start to awaken from its own cold winter and demand priority. So it is with some sadness and regret that I step away from my sweet lil gnome with the cute impish smile and beehive hairdo. "Sorry Audie, I have another character I have to play for a while...namely myself."

So I might not be WoW'ing again for a bit cause I've got some mopping, litter box cleaning, and living to do. But I'm pretty sure Audie will be right where I left her when I once again step into the glow of our new flat panel.

Thursday, January 13

Novel Idea for God

Today like most days I received an email telling me how the government is slowly whittling God from our history, future, etc. And how I should be apalled and take action and not let our history be changed by some evil God hating polictian. And in most cases I agree but will rarely ever take action because personally in all the things I could do in the name of our creator, making sure he gets referenced on a monument isn't first on my list.

Instead I'd rather send those people who email me a response: Instead of restoring our history and adding all our historical biblical references back. Why not use that time, thought, and desire and DO SOMETHING that shows the love of God today! Why not say, oppose bombing another country because someone told us to? or try and raise awareness/support of those in need in your community? or perhaps even give your neighbor a friendly smile and ask how they're doing?

Let's face it we can fight over lots of stupid, unimportant stuff in the name of my God or your God. But maybe we should put down our guns, brutal words, and hatred and just DO something to honor God. Let this religious zeal shine through you instead of deflect it into a hopeless email that will only sit in my e-trash can until I empty it three months later. If you really care for Him (whoever He/She is?) then do something to honor him that would actually benefit someone else and then instead of worrying about preserving history you're actually improving the future. Novel idea, no?

Tuesday, January 11

The Truth Doesn't Need Much

Lately, I've been run over with the use of words that are too large, too ackward, and too unnecessary. I realize that it's the norm in the world of academia but sometimes, like on Monday at the copier, I find myself longing for simple phrases and just one word phrases. Even though I jabber jaw most of the time I do secretly covet those who can just say "nice" and have it hold an aire of mystery about it. I mean the typical cool guy is the one who doesn't say much but when he says anything even it's just a simple grunt, the world seems to slow down and take notice. So why then do we flounder about trying to impress others with words that are just too big?

But all I can figure is that maybe the old addage "you are what you eat" isn't nearly as true as "you are what you say." If you use large words when necessary you're smart, nice, and not full of yourself. And if you don't you're the opposite. And if you use too many, like myself, you're just a jabber jaw.

Either way...hearing support described as "robust" just made me start to think.

Thursday, January 6

In the office but not at work...

Goofy 3
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So I "could" go home a whole hour early today but alas my carpooling husband is actually "working." *sigh*

There's something incredibly, horribly worse about being at work when you don't have to be instead of being at home in your comfy pj's playing world of warcraft and getting your addiction on.

Alas, I'm stuck inside these 4 walls until 5 o'clock. So yeah, my current facial expression is rather close to the one seen here. WoW, I'm on my way. *sniff*

Wednesday, January 5

Make me smile:

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I love all the glasses mingling together, it's like each one represents a different person and while they look different on the outside, what's on the inside is the same.

I love going to dinner with friends and seeing the different glasses mingle together on the table: it makes me smile and think of all the different lovely friends I have.

Hello Again..Have We Met?

I haven't blogged in a terribly long time. The holidays took their toll and my blog went by the wayside. I apologize for my lack of contributions. Maybe I should make blogging each day a NY resolution. Might as well since I didn't make any others. I just didn't feel the need. Unlike previous years where I've vowed "to get in shape, lose weight, be nicer..etc..etc," this year I've just decided not to waste the valuable mental capacity and time making the commitment and rather just do my best. That way if I don't quite make my goal it's not like I had one to make in the first place. So yes, 2005 will be the year I become a svelte, curvy goddess and learn how to tell the truth in a manner less abrasive and try to be the best me I can everyday but if at the end of the year I'm still a chubby princess who's words rub people the wrong way just like sand paper then *shrug*. There's always '06!

But I am happy to say that there's something about this year that actually has me feeling vitalized. I'm ready to take on the year and make the most of the time I've got before the next NYE party.

So here's to doing my best and not fretting about looming obligations!

*clink* *clink*