Wednesday, November 30

explain yourself

After reading yesterday's post I realized, I never mentioned why I was wanting to keel MS Outlook. How rash of me! How very..gangsta?

Anyways, I'm gearing up for another fair at work and yesterday needed to send out an email to 700 people. MS Outlook however decided that I really didn't need to send that email out to "all of them" and only a chosen select few. How nice of Outlook to decide that for me. So yesterday's post was more venting than post. But I suppose that works just as well. Follow up: Today MS Outlook decided to finish sending those emails so perhaps a little blogger threat posting works after all. NOTE TO SELF: Threaten Britney Spears and hope she reads this and stops recording.

Moving on, Mr. Jack is sick today. He hasn't been feeling that good at all lately, mostly since Thanksgiving. Er..after. BUT I REPEAT THIS IS NOT T-DAY DINNER RELATED! So he's at home feeling puny and hanging out with Josie and Jasper while I'm at work. Funny thing is that I feel a bit different with him not here at work. Like I know I won't be getting those midday phone calls or I won't see him at lunch and I'm a bit sad. Damn that man for imbedding himself in my daily routine! DAMN HIM!

I wrote my goodbye RP post for WoW today. I didn't want to and I'm not looking forward to posting it. I'm going to miss everyone and miss them just enough to want to renew the game if only to log on and chat, but I can't do that. I have trouble justifying paying for a chat program and I know I need to get my butt in gear and start doing things in the RL server. But considering how I'm already getting lonely for the game and I haven't even left yet, I'm certain that I'll be back. It's just a matter of time.

In related news, I'm hooked on Sims 2 again. I had a great time Monday night, sitting on TS with Catrena and playing Sims. She makes me laugh so very very hard. I'm hoping to set a schedule for myself not replace old WoW time with Sims 2 time but actually start crafting again. I forget sometimes that I too can do things that my Sims do. Why can't I be someone's Sim? They have more active lives than I do!

Tuesday, November 29

MS Outlook - I will kill you...

Dear MS Outlook,

If I were inclined to dress in my gang colors, roll with muh crew in beat up rides, or have a few baby's daddy, I'd be rollin' by your hood tonight and painting your house with bullet holes.

Do NOT mess with me. I repeat MS Outlook, I am not a girl to peeve off. I've watched enough 'Dangerous Minds' to know how this plays out. And it ain't lookin' good for you and your homies. So you and MS Publisher had better step off!


Mrs. Jack, part-time Gangsta

Monday, November 28

No one died but the turkey

As usual, my main concern with cooking is that no one dies because of food poisoning. I actually fear cooking because of this reason alone. Though the idea of sticking my hands inside a cold dead bird's slimy carcass doesn't appeal to me either. But I'm happy to report that all Thanksgiving day feasters are healthy, well Mr. Jack is starting to get a wee bit of a cold but that's a seasonal thing not a turkey related incident. The stuffing was a bit mushy, too much broth, but tasty. The bread was yum but it wasn't home made mearly home toasted. The turkey was juicy and rather tasty especially with the homemade cranberry and orange sauce. The green beans while not as mushy as I'm used to were far and away much better than the hard and crunchy steamed ones that I usually have served. The only missing ingredient was mashed potatoes and apparently EXCELLENT, fantabulous sweet potato stuff doesn't make up for it. Note to self: buy box of fake potatoes next year. Course as Mr. Jack told Father Perla last night.."I was able to talk her into it this year, I wouldn't hold my breath."

Wednesday, November 23


Before I embark on Turkey Cook Off '05, I wanted to list a few things I'm thankful for so that when I have my mental breakdown tomorrow(some time between chopping the porcinis and baking yams), I'll have something to look at to remember I was once sane, happy, and grateful.

1. Mr. Jack - he makes my life complete. I didn't know the full extent of happy until we wed.

2. WoW/ToD - I have met some of the best people in such a sort amount of time. Thanks once again Jenny for pointing me in the right direction.

3. Realization #714 - being stressed doesn't = being productive.

4. Mel - You are a blessing to me.

5. Chicken & Waffles - I tried C&W for the first time this year and I have to say, finding C&W in Jack London Square taught me so many things. (1) I will always be a grape of wrath. (2) That isn't a bad thing. (3) The world is really much smaller than one thinks.

6. Jasper & Josie - You two are the highlight of my day. You both have such strong personalities and watching you get in and out of trouble is better than anything on MTV.

Tuesday, November 22

Longer than Long

It's been quite a while since I posted last. April I think? I really need to work at keeping something up. Well considering that I'm dropping another previous pastime, I'm hopeful that I'll have more time and be able to return to blogging.

Since husband's mother and aunt are off in Paris, he and I are going to try and make Thanksgiving dinner together. EGADS! I'm hoping I don't screw this up! We bought all the groceries last night, a clever plan that helped us avoid the crowds, and gathered our needed spices, salts, and sugars from my Frenchie-in-Law. We're having dinner at her house since (a) her place is most conveniently located for everyone, (b) the last thing I need is to be stressing about a clean house and a 6 lb. bird breast in the oven, and (c) we have no table. Oh the joys and secret pleasures of being ill equipped for dinner parties!

But a little joy is tucked away at the end of my week. Friday night, husband and I are sneaking into the city to see her. I'm deliriously happy as I really did think the concert was sold out and only by mere chance was able to get two tickets!

Good to be back. I've missed you.