Friday, April 28

Sheep and I say BAH!

What the crap is up with my lack of allergy meds? Seriously! Stupid HMO won't approve the meds the doctor prescribed so now I'm waiting until they bicker it out.
/rolls eyes

Since my allergies have flared up, I've had to cancel walking at lunch which was my major source of exercise. I'm hoping to replace it with swimming but we'll see. I need something that's going to be as aerobic. And I need to start doing weights and that sort of poop. I can't let my allergies knock me off course when I've been so good at exercising so far.

Once again my face is getting a bit oily but only because the timely time of the month is soon upon us. Funny how now that my skin is relatively calmed down my hair is bothering me. I'm tempted to make an appointment and chop it all off. I know I was wanting to grow it out but I forgot how bad it looks when I do.

I suppose there are worse tragedies than lack of allergy meds and wiggedy wack frizzy hair but to a girl, there really isn't. But at least it's almost the weekend. Tonight I get to kick back and do whatever I please. Talk to my friends online and play WoW. And all in T minus 13 minutes. Stupid waiting for 5 o'clock. Seriously BAH!

Monday, April 24

Paper Dolls

I am a paper dolls!
Find your own pose!

Strange, how such random questions could prove to reveal so very much. Husband and I typically do end up sleeping like this. We start out cuddled together and spoon but by the time we wake up only our fingers or toes are touching.

So this last weekend, was hijacked by allergies. Husband took care of me, while I begged him for spaghetti meal after meal. He'd ask me what I wanted with it and I'd say, "Nothing I just want spaghetti." Then after I'd gobbled down a regular sized portion, I'd tell him I was still hungry. How infuriating! Poor love, I think by Sunday night he was going to pull my hair out.

But I'm back on the job on Monday. I'm taking allergy meds and I've called in asking for a new prescription from my Dr. We'll see if she'll actually prescribe me something without looking me over. I'm not too optimistic but here's hoping.

This is the first weekend, I didn't go to my WW meeting. I was just too sick to get out of bed. And on Sunday, I didn't wash my face. It felt so strange not to wash my face whe I woke up and before I went to bed. Glad to say I got up this morning and promptly washed my face and felt much better.

I'm not sure how long these allergens are going to plague me but I'm hoping they'll be at bay soon. I can't stand not being able to walk at lunch. Yet I dread going outside and coming back feeling sicker than before.

Thursday, April 20

"Oh you're so good..."

Since I've started dieting I hear that a lot. Which I guess means I'm doing what I'm supposed but sometimes I just don't want to hear it. It makes me feel bad momentarily and pause. I realize they are commending me but it brings me down because it makes me feel like I'm flaunting the fact I'm drinking water instead of something yummy. (note to self: Miss Mt. Dew!) I tend to blow it off as I do most compliments because I'm not doing this to be 'good' I'm doing this because it has to be done. There is no good or bad to it, it's just what it is and I have to get it under control.

Meh, whatever. I'm just going to let it roll off my back and say thanks next time. Not much I can do. I will NOT become one of those "dieting people." I refuse to tout my diet to other people because dieting is poopy and unless you really want to, it's not really worth it. Somehow I think the American Diabetic Association won't be quoting me in their next phamplet. ;)

Tuesday, April 18

Happy Birthday!

Today is my 27th birthday. Unbelievable to me, is the fact that I could be 27! Ever! It never occured to me when I was dreaming of growing up that people go through those 'middle ages'. So since I have no 'planned expectations' for myself, I get to pretty much make it up as I go along, until of course when I'm 30 and I need to have a kid.

Even as a little kid, I knew numbers were important and your age was a defining number in your life. I just never really thought of it defining me in a bad way. I always figured turning another year older was a good sign. A sign that I'd been successful at maintaining my life for a full year so that much like the DMV, God would renew my life and let me try another.

I am damn proud of what I've done with this past year. I grew up a bit this last year and learned to take it easy on myself. I'm still uptight and tend to go to extremes but not quite so often. I've also put value on taking care of myself. Proof being that I've almost lost 20 pounds since January. And I'm back to the same size I was wearing when I was 18. Not that the size I was wearing at 18 is anything to brag about but getting back to it is. I've also started doing more with my time. I've started walking, belly dancing, and learning to speak Italian. I think my new goal is to be a Jack of all Trades. I might not be the best at something but I'll be mediocre and damn near everything.

So, thanks. Thanks for reading, to those who do. Thanks to husband, for giving me a reason to stick around. Thanks to family, for keeping me grounded but reminding me that I need to fly. Thanks to blue sky, for making me smile. Thanks to new friends, for good laughs, camaraderie, love, and /hugs. And thanks to God, if this is my only chance around I hope I'm making you proud of me.

Friday, April 14

Happy Easter!!

Just a little something I made for the Spring holiday. Woot for April the 18th almost being here!!