Thursday, August 31

An acre of corn a wee bit of inspiration...

I just love hearing about stories like this one.

It makes me smile for some many reasons.
1. Because someone who is dead is still remembered and cherished.
2. Because it's Julia Child, who I look up to.
3. It's a freaking corn maze and looks like lots of fun!
4. Because someone thought at one point "How cool would it be to make a corn maze from a picture of Julia Child?"

Tuesday, August 29

Things that make me smile today..

number one and only, originally uploaded by Morran.

Isn't this just the cutest picture? I found out about it about another blog I read everyday, A Bird in the Hand.

And I also found something else that I like. This makes me think of Aluciel a bit. Click here.

Thursday, August 24

Work? Que es?

Today, I've been working mostly on the guild's website with Squark. It's been nice and rewarding. Mostly because I haven't had to write the code.

/cheers for not being the code monkey

And because he's seemed impressed with my Photoshop skills. It's always nice to be appreciated. During my free time I made this wee lil picture of Josie here.

Tuesday, August 22

I wish everday could be Art Day

When I was in grade school we had days when we went to Music, Art, or P.E. I hated P.E. cause it always just reminded me I was out of shape, overweight, and not coordinated. And music class was okay but the teacher drove me crazy. But I loved Art class. I remember not wanting to put my markers or paints away. Wanting to stay in the Art Room for hours just basking in the skylights and painting. I still feel that way.

So there are times when I lose myself and I just randomly start doodling. I think it's my only way of finding peace. Sort of like meditating just with a more productive outcome. When I'm doing graphic design, not so much. I take my love of art and I force it to be precise and I'm highly judgemental. But when I'm doodling, like I was during my highly important meeting, I don't panic. I know there is always more ink and always more scratch paper.

Something I made

Monday, August 21

Out of my mind on Friday; Out of the house on Monday

After three weeks of feeling funky, I went to the doctor on Friday. Turns out I have a sinus infection. I prefer to say "had" like now that it's diagnosed and I've got antibiotics it's gone. But apparently I have to ingest these drugs in order to evict the infection. But my energy has tripled and I finally feel back to normal. Now to start working out again.

Last night I had a wee panic attack. I'm anxious about having to talk to my mom. My family and I have such a breakable link connecting us that I'm never sure what moves I can make that will break the whole damn thing. I lay in bed last night for 3 hours just thinking about how I could approach this relatively benign conversation about staying at a hotel and taking home some of my things. I stared at the ceiling while I analyzed how she would react and how based on her reaction how my brother would interpret that. Then after 2 hours of endless worry, I realized that I'm screwed either way. I won't say this makes me feel better but at least I know where I stand.

One thing I know about myself that is true. I need to know where I'm stand...even if it's in hell.

Thursday, August 17

I feel sick so I must be in love.

Another meh day at work. I'm feeling so nasty and bloated. Yeck! But while doing my daily blog surf I found this super cute purse at Outblush.

Sure it's $425 dollars and sure I'd never dream of spending that on a purse. But when has true love ever been financially responsible.

Wednesday, August 16

Emailing with Catrena & Aluciel

After becoming addicted to Veronica Mars, Catrena, Aluciel and I have started joking about the show and the characters. As is the usual case, my joking usually ends up being photoshopped.

See Exhibit A.
Exhibit A.

See here where Wallace Fennell starts a rap career about living in Chicago. It all started out innocently until the Photoshop came out.

Tuesday, August 15

Since I was gone..

I now spend my days at work, talking to my friends on gmail.
I've finished 5 of the 6 Harry Potter books.
I've become addicted to Veronica Mars. Thanks Catrena & Aluciel.
I've gone on vacation to Pismo Beach.
I've applied for a job and then not been interviewed. (It's okay I decided.)
I've cleaned the house a few times.
The cats have yacked on the carpet more times than I've cleaned the house.
I baked a gallete from my Martha Stewart Baking Handbook.
I've lost 65 pounds.
I've only had a few more zits.
I got my hair all cut off.
And I've started saying Siriusly....a lot.

Picture that I like today.

Picture from Flickr by Blurb