Tuesday, November 30

Haute or Hobo?

For the past two days I've been wearing layers of shirts and socks to keep warm. Something about this winter has got me chilled to the bone. So this morning, after powdering my nose, I checked out my bundled reflection in the mirror and I couldn't help but wonder "Did I achieve that highly esteemed haute layering look ala The Gap and SJParker or did I fall short and land in hobosville next to the train station?"

I haven't decided yet but I will say I'm no SJP, even if we DO have the same initials.

Monday, November 29

Grinch no more.

Saturday, mr.jack and I visited our dear friends Chris and Jenny at her house. (Yes, she owns and yes, I'm jealous, but that's beside the point.) The reason for our post-Thanksgiving visit was to put together her Christmas tree. Jenny is quite the holiday aficionado and where Christmas is concerned she's zealous, which I think is quite necessary when your mother owns a Hallmark shop. Needless to say she’s got all those cool Hallmark ornaments that I love to look at and other Hallmark paraphernalia that’s cute, detailed, and practically emits happy light.

Configuring the tree was pretty quick and painless with Chris and me taking on most of it while Jenny and mr.jack made lunch in the kitchen. Befitting any Hallmark ad the tree was finished almost exactly the same time as the tree so we all sat down to eat together. By this point, I’m starting to even get a bit excited about the pending decorating. But what happened next made me feel just like the grinch after he experiences the joy of Who-ville and has his heart grow 2x bigger.

Let me clarify, I’m not a grinch about the holiday but after years of having “themes” for the holiday in OK, I’ve become jaded by the lack of sentimentality of it all. I enjoy the early days of having crappy paper ornaments and macaroni streamers mixed in with the nicer ornaments. When something I made in Mrs. Gerlt’s class in 3rd grade was just as important as something my mother bought in the store. This desire to embrace family instead of perfection has lead me to the farthest swing of the holiday pendulum where I’d just as well do nothing than give in, but Jenny redeemed from a life of Scrooge-ness.

It was something about the care that she gave to every ornament. Each one regardless of cost or her theme (a cute moon and stars thing) received the same care and devotion. Each cradled in wrapping paper and placed gently in a spot to rest before being deployed to the tree. She even remembered each ornament’s ancestry and shared lovely family stories about when she made this one or who she received this one from and in what year. I found that her tree while completed with store bought beauties was more like a photo album instead of a tree that held memories more precious than anything you could capture in a tear-jerking Hallmark ad. I was so touched by her care and love for everything I really wished that I was part of her tree and that I had some lovely contribution to add.

So I gleefully announce the holidays are here and I’ll embrace them whole-heartedly this year as I make mr.jack and I a lovely little tree and a lovely little holiday. My thanks to Jenny for giving me Christmas CPR, you have no idea how much I needed it.

Thursday, November 25

You say Turkey I say No Thanks...

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"Clapton is God" might not be what most people think of when they contemplate Thanksgiving but for me it's a good reminder of the family that I'll be celebrating with this year.

Cameron, a huuuge Clapton afficiando, will be in attendance along with Janice, Roger, Debbie, Cynthia and Grandma. I've never been a big fan of the turkey holiday for several reasons 1) I don't like turkey, 2) I don't like eating ANYTHING off the bone, 3) I have asshole family who I spent the holiday with_every_year. When your definition of a good Thanksgiving consists of "no one threatening to kick someone else's ass" you know you might be a bit jaded.

But now as with everything in my life since I've moved to CA. Thanksgiving has new meaning. It means waking up with my husband, giving the kitties their T-day wet food, and bringing him breakfast in bed so that he'll wake up. I find that I like things more now that I'm out here. Everything is new, yes, but now everything is happier, shinier, and gives me more reasons to smile. Such as watching my brother-in-law gulp down how many bottles of Apple Cider or which one of my new aunts will mention shopping on Black Friday first?

So whether it's the same ole holiday or a holiday made new by family, enjoy yourself. Even if that means staying locked away from your family.

Wednesday, November 24

Blah is now a verifiable emotion

Not much to report today. I played WoW for a while had the usual excellent time! Took a nap that went far too long and made a pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving tomorrow along with a cherry pie. I'm pleased to mention that my cherry pie has a lovely little criss cross pattern on top complete with sheep cut out. I'm thinking the sheep cut out might be my new calling card. Oh I also did the mess of dirty dishes from yesterday's pie extravaganza while jamming out to some 'Beautiful Garbage' from the iPod. And the requisite kitty pets.

Other than that not too much. Being at home with only felines for company can actually be quite boring. Not that I want to insult my feline oppressors but they just don't offer much in the way of stimulation and conversation. Except for the "meow" pets and "meow" food talk. And after they've been adequately petted and fed, not in the order, what's left?

Oh and I do indeed have a FAB-u-LOUS husband. I asked him to pick me up some pumpkin goo for the extra pie and a Diet Dr. Pepper (I CRAVE THEM!). And he did indeed bring both back but he also brought back a straw and a cup of ice because he knows that I LOOooOve my soda with ice and a straw. I'm so in love, with him, and Diet Dr. Pepper complete with straw and cup of ice.

Oh and we jiffy popped some popcorn. Quite the busy night at the Perla household, yes? No.

Tuesday, November 23

Why I'm not mrs.jack right now....

WoW Audie
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cause I'm too busy "being" a gnome mage named Audie. Aren't I cute?

Blogging: The other OTHER white meat

Fall in CA
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So I confess, I'm a geek girl, not because I love a geek so therefore by transference am one (though that too applies) but because in front of me now is the mactacular, my regular blogging helper, but also mr. jacks' PC with World of Warcraft on it.

So while WoW is having lag problems I'm blogging. Yes, mrs.jack has taken a back seat for Audie (my little gnome mage) and Olive (my slightly taller dwarf hunter). Right now I'm watching Audie try and sew together some simple linen pants but alas I know the games is going to crash before she can finish all seven of them. It's been one of those opening nights!

But don't think that it wasn't worth it. Au contrair I've had a great WoW evening. I met up with an old friend from the beta and we've teamed up to fight some stuff. It's been good, it's been fun, and I want some more. So I appease myself and wait and blog. So not that I want mrs.jack to feel second best, but realize that my priorities have changed, much like those of pothead's when they get the money and the desire to move up to crack. It's not that it's better it's just more of a thrill! But like all things I'm sure I'll get a little tired of WoW and I'll be back.

But dear nonexistant readers, don't fret. I'll be back and now because of my guilt I'll try and post more frequently.

P.S. Attached is a picture I took outside today after returning from GameStop with my crac- er WoW game. Who knows this could be the last time I see the oustide until Thanksgiving!

P.S.S. I made Paul and Jenny their pumpkin pies. I hope they like them!

Monday, November 22

I just noticed...

if I'm not at work all I blog about are my cats. Interesting, no?

Is this her way of making up with me?

so cute
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Cause IT SO WORKS! Little Miss Josie got a time out last night and spent a good portion of the evening in her jail cell (the bathroom) for lack of good behavior towards her brother.

Still no matter how mean she is, she's still my cute little kitty!

Resident Pet Giver

Jasper Cat: ready to move
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So I have this week off for holiday and I'm already bored. I've called most of the "working shmoes" I know already and I've attempted at no success to persuade mr. jack to step out of work a wee bit early. Alas, the boy is dedicated to giving a full day since today is his first day of official F/T work.

So I'm home, sprawled out underneath my quilt petting Jasper. (Whom I renamed Kitty this weekend since he seems to respond to it better.) There are times when I'm so desperate to be alone and yet when I am I never want to be. So luckily my kitties are offering to keep me busy by giving pets. They're so incredibly generous to give of themselves like that, no?

So until 5 when I get human company my feline companions will keep me occupied with bit of flying fur and silky coats until my man comes marching home. Hurrah!

Wednesday, November 17

English Walnuts No Longer...

now my lymphnodes are roughly the size and shape of large pecans. Mmm...pecan pie. Thanksgiving, anyone?

If I were feeling SUPER...I'd look like this...

It would be my mission to defend Canada from all deragatory comments and slanderous statements. I would show the world that Cannucks are people too...wierd people but nonetheless. My special talent would be the ability to make fried beaver sandwich and kill people by singing 'O Canada' until maple syrup ran out their ears from the pain. And if that didn't work then I'd call in my cohort Celine, assuming she wasn't busy making another baby with her grandpa/husband Rene.

But unfotunately, today I do not feel super. I feel sub par to be exact. My lymphnodes are the size of english walnuts and my brain feels like what it looks like when someone is on "the drugs." Just updating my blog is taking me far longer than it should. I went to the doctor on Monday and after leaving I feel asleep and didn't really wake up until 4 p.m. on Tuesday. Today has been better as I haven't slept ALL DAY (only half of it) and I have managed to keep food down and swallow things. I promise from this moment forward I will never take my ability to swallow for granted. I have never been so scared in my life as I was when Tuesday morning I tried to swallow an Ibuprofen and choked to the point of tears. After that I just cried cause I was scared, don't like being sick, and cause sometimes I just enjoy crying.

But hopefully I will feel better soon but until then I shall entertain myself with little Internet games such as "make your own superhero" and watching mr. jack kick D.O.A butt while he collects more pretty girl outfits for his sickly wife.

Monday, November 15

An Old Frend New

I'm very fortunate to have good friends since I sometimes am not a very good friend. I'm horrible at keeping up, I can't seem to return a phone call during the same week, and recieving a mailed snail mail letter from me could be a sign of the pending apocalypse. Yet even though most people know this about me they still tend to be friendly towards me and enjoy my companionship from time to time.

This thought comes to mind for two reasons. My oldest best friend from elementary school has been working like a dog to get in touch with me. And finally we chatted via AIM about life and family_and_the fact she's made her own. She emailed me pictures of her and her first child (can you believe it?) and she looks just as beautiful as when I loved her because she could play Barbies real well. She was the first person to introduce me to happiness, bliss, and joy but she was also the first person to introduce me to sorrow, sadness, and mild depression. As with all things I think a little bad has to come with a equal parts good. No one can live a full and complete life without both.

And secondly because while I was sick my best friend Ellie, from much longer than I can count, vehemently searched for me. Online, via the phone, carrier pigeon! Yet, I alluded all her well meaning attempts by pure bad luck on her part or pure sicky-induced sleepiness on my part. Either way she didn't give up. She stuck it out and to her benefit I guess she got to chat with me. (I'm not thinking that's too much of a prize, but she seemed pleased. And then rightly so, questioned me as to WHY I didn't respond to the phone calls or at least the friggin' carrier pigeon.)

So while I try and hide from old friends and sometimes make it incredibly hard for them to find me, they seem to track my scent and chase behind me on train, plane, or internet wire. So to them, those diligent few that I call my best friends, I say thanks for not giving up on me, even after I did.

Wednesday, November 10

"It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

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except we've got no snow. And Thanksgiving hasn't even come but Macy's doesn't care."

So today, *cough* while at work *cough*, I made my Amazon.com wish list. Since I'm not going home this year, my greedy little desires will have to be shipped ala UPS or Fedex. I figure with one of my items costing only 71 cents, I was incredibly reasonable. Hope those shopping for me, agree. :)

Guilty Pleasure #1: Crab Rangoon

I LOOVE Crab Rangoon. So much so that the waitress at my favorite Chinese Restaurant, Golden Dragon, instantly knows when I step in the door to get the wok ready. Course for this LOOVE I receive quite a bit of ribbing unjustly, IMHO, from Popo. Paul is really into trying new things and I'm of the opinion that if it ain't broken don't fix it. So while we agree to disagree on dining philosophy, I stuff my face with Whitney's guilty pleasure. Yum!

Tuesday, November 9

Blogs from the Road//Aunt OrLEENs

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N.O. reminds me of that eccentric auntie that you love and no one in the family quite understands but you do. And she brightens your life, gives you a new perspective on life with her stories of adventure, and touches your heart with her spirit. N.O. did that for me. I admired how the people so easily accept each other regardless of how weird or bizarre they are and then take it a step beyond that and find their similarities. They might not have the answers to all the big questions of life but they realize that that with everyone’s help they can either find the answers or at least have a good time.

So I thank my aunt OrLEENs for teaching me so much and I hope that your spirit breathes through me until the next time we meet. And auntie, don’t change a bit cause you’re perfect as you are!

Blogs from the Road//Buffalo are NOT welcome in Hell

No Buffalo
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I found hell, its at the Kansas City Airport. I never completely understood how bad architecture can affect a situation but now after traveling through this maze of no local food courts, bathrooms, and long lines for the TSA check in. From this point on I will make a point of NEVER traveling through this blasphemous airport. Should I have to drive an additional 3-5 hours to divert myself travel as to avoid this horrid atrocity, I shall.

I’m glad to say though that this has been the only hiccup on what has been a wonderful trip. The week of debauchery and history in New OrLEENs was wild, fun, and informative. For example, I learned that mrs.jack LOVES Pat O’Briens’ hurricanes and that under the influence of said hurricanes, mrs.jack can have an enjoyable time on Bourbon Street. Prior to this discovery, I rather disliked the stinky street that was crammed with wall-to-wall people and poured loud music as often and plentifully as it poured booze. But after putting on my Hurricane glasses I found the street delightful and entertaining and I in turn became more bubbly, delightful and entertaining. The best ambassador for that street is Rum. And for any who venture forth to New Orleans, I highly recommend getting your Hurricane glasses on first.

Other than drink, which I did more of than I have ever in my life, mr.jack and I visited many of the local historical sites, e.g. the Old Mint, Jazz Museum, Congo Square, the Cemeteries, St. Alphonses Church, Magazine Street, and countless others. I took so many pictures that I still haven’t organized them all. But I promise to do so as soon as I get the kitties adequately petted and take a much-needed shower.

Btw, another reason to hate the KC airport: the wifi service costs money! The few airports I’ve visited that offered wifi did so free of charge, but not Hell in the Heartland. (sigh) I can’t wait to get home!!

Happiness is...

Jourdan, Granny, & Me
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in this picture.

I love my Granny and I don't get to see her near enough. After the honeymoon in New Orleans we stopped off in Tulsa for a couple of days. Primarily for our Okie Wedding Reception but also to see my family since I won't be going back for the holidays this year. The reception was incredibly enjoyable especially since my friends Shanedra, my bridesmaid and Suzanne, my best friend came up to help us celebrate.

But as usual the hardest part is leaving. It's not that I don't want to go back home because I always do but it's that I know that it'll be months before I get to see Granny again. Since Grandpa died I haven't been there for her like I should and I can't begin to explain the guilt I feel. I also feel a pang of guilt knowing that my brother and I are falling apart as a result of well..something. He won't really talk to me about it and while I know it's tearing my parents up that we're not on good terms. I really don't feel like there is much that I can do. So I've kinda given up on him & I.

Sometimes it just seems that you have to choose you or your family and I suppose no one in my family has ever chose themself before. So now that I'm treading unfamiliar ground without a familiar family safety net, it's hard for me to go back since I've become accustommed to them not being there. I'm not sure how I can maintain the balance of being their child, grandchild, & sister while still being me. So until I can get it all figured out, I'm going to cling to this picture and hope for times as good as those frozen in that frame.

Monday, November 8

My Home is Human

Maybe it's because I made such a big move after college but it seems my roots haven't fully took to their new ground. I realized this after I came home last night and while it was a relief to be done with the airport and off the airplane, I didn't feel that warm and fuzzy feeling of excitement of being home that I became accustomed to during my youth.

I thought that maybe I'd become jaded by age and experience and the thrill of coming home was one that had evaporated with time. But this morning as I popped on AIM I got a friendly little message from a close friend and suddenly a twinkling of that sunny "welcome home" sensation drifted in. Then another friend joined us for lunch and I practically squeezed him to death while we were eating our basmati rice. So I proudly state for all the internet to know: My cup overfloweth with joy to be home.

Turns out that I didn't become jaded I just needed to readjusted my brain to Home v2.0: The Human Home. So fair warning to all of my friends, I will be seeing each of you soon and squeezing you until you pop.