Wednesday, March 23

internet fasting - day 5

again i'm sans internet. death is imminent. i've been taking pictures knowing that they won't be posted for what may be eons. sbc has pushed back our wired date until march 29. *shudder*

o | /
o-O-o o-o o-o oo o-o OO
| | | | \ o | | | | \
o o o o o-o O | o-o- o-o o o
o o

Tuesday, March 22

no picture is a bad picture...



12:01 i couldn't leave y'all hanging. here's a lil something something.

well mrs.jack will be sans pictures for awhile since we moved this weekend and i'm now WITHOUT INTERNET! it's HORRIBLE! i can lose/give up cable television but having NO INTERNET is about as bad as what i imagine death to be like.

Friday, March 18

theming hard core


i'm still staring up into the trees today but alas there is life above me. i made a bet on this bird that if i could get a decent photo of him/her/it than my new job would be very nice indeed. so depending on general consensus i might have a rude awakening at my new post or a smooth ride.

this weekend jourdan and i are moving. both of us are scared we won't be able to finish it this weekend but that's what vacation is for, no?

Thursday, March 17

top of the trees


i've never been one for laying down in the dirt and staring upward since that would mean i'd be laying on the dirty ground but i do enjoy the view. btw, today i tortured ellie with a mean evil lil lecherous leprachaun. i'm such a horrible friend. ;)

Wednesday, March 16

my day was SO not this bad...


visited sharon and dr. vermont today. all is good. staying on 20 milligrams for now and trying to learn how to relax. easier said than done but who knows. i certainly wouldn't have thought i'd be as far as i am now, two years ago.

((intersection of 21st & j on saturday, february 26))

Tuesday, March 15

almost too ripe myself


almost left the house today without putting on any deodorant and considering how i'm already sweating my boss' reaction to my resignation, i certainly will need it. not to mention i got a pen mark on my NEW CUTE SHIRT:( but i'm still in good spirits regardless because i'm moving this weekend and i'm blissfully happy even if it is a medicated happiness.;)

((picture from the avo bin at alhambra safeway))

Friday, March 11

what a difference a day makes...


i've decided to take the job after all. lucky for me, i didn't go with first impressions because after i got more information from my soon to be supervisor...i changed my mind. 10:49--i have formally accepted, yet!!

Thursday, March 10

upside down


((picture from the courtyard outside my office))

Wednesday, March 9

spending paper for more paper


i go from addiction to addiction...crack to cocaine...what have you. for the moment, my drug of choice are magazines. loads of magazines. after we got rid of cable (yes, i'm unamerican..blah blah blah) and i didn't get rabbit ears i started getting bored cause i had aaaalll this time. so i'd pick up a book, magazine, internet site or something to read and i haven't stopped since. since we're trying to start saving for a house i realize i have to actually subscribe to them instead of just roving the safeway check outs like an idiot--searching madly for the new Real Simple. only problem is our 1920's charm means we have an ency weency mailbox that no magazine could fit in so we need to get ourselves a p.o. box. suddenly saving money by getting rid of cable is getting rather expensive.

Tuesday, March 8

moving in & out...

are my neighbors moving?

these are a few of the boxes that are no longer in our hallway. our lovely neighbors are moving--somewhere. unlike the previous neighbors, who lived across from us for as long as we were there, we didn't really get to know these neighbors very well. and from the looks of it our chance of getting to know them is nearing the end. since our neighbors are moving--so are we. while i adore our apartment, the carpet & cat yack issue just annoys me to NO END. so we're moving across the hall to the same apartment but in reverse and with cat yack friendly hard wood floors.

((sorry about the lack of picture yesterday--flickr was having a bad day.))

Friday, March 4

belated birthday


Wednesday was's 5 year birthday. And in a clever PR move opted to buy everyone a free ice cream from Baskin-Robbins to celebrate. I being a ice cream afficionado to the umpteeth degree, jumped at the opportunity and grabbed up a free scoop of my fav, mint chocolate chip (seen here next to jourdan's face). yum. (who needs NEW flavors when the old standards taste SO good!)

p.s. thanks to jenny for converting the code in this site to something more photoblog friendly.:)

Wednesday, March 2

rose colored water


today, jourdan and i agreed to start looking for a house. a big step. a scary step. but a good step...i think. at first when the idea of a house was just "fairytale" it was unsurprisingly "ideal, easy, and oh so fun." but now of course i getting an inkling of what's in store and i'm anxious, excited, and unsure. funny how the grass is always greener on someone else's mortgage. hopefully, we'll do okay...but i'll most definitely need to stop seeing home ownership through my rose colored water--cause it's not always peaches and cream..sometimes is a leaky roof.

((fountain outside my office))

Tuesday, March 1

sole therapy

waiting for therapy

went to visit sharon again today for therapy. we talked about the usual--mom, work, and my marriage--and all are going well. and most importantly i'm doing well with each of them. i love that office--the walls, the people--cause it's a moment of reflection and gives me a paused moment to see myself like i see a picture after i take it.

screwd with mold


a screw outside my office. it's been lovingly decorated by the elements with a nice greenish mold. rather lovely mix of industry and nature, i think.