Friday, October 29

We've touched down in Nawlins...

Jourdan with beads
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And I've been blinded by beads!

he's read my instruction manual...

So he's smart. I knew that when we we're dating. But I'm a woman, a rather crafty one at that, and I figured sure after a while he'd clue into some of my subtle nuances like I enjoy getting tickled behind the knee, I get quiet when I'm nervous/scared/mad but each quiet is different, etc. But never in my seven year dating experience was I prepared for the day when I realized HE'S READ MY INSTRUCTION MANUAL. No, and I ALL CAP NO woman wants to think she's as easy to read as a book. I'm mean sure we'll bait the guy into dating us by saying lines like "No, I'm not complicated..." or "If I want something, I'll just tell you..." but we don't mean it. We like leaving coy little hints and half clues to see if he really does know us or if he has learned to read our minds. But we never expect them to do it! NO! It's more of a smug game we play (and by WE I now mean ME) to prove to ourselves that we are complicated, complex creatures.

But alas, sometime during our marriage I must have left my instructional manual lying around the house, because mr. jack_knows_me. He I work and in turn how to make me work. I feel almost like a puppet with him holding my strings. Case in point: He knows I freak out about flying from time to time and don't pack until the very last minute SO he tells me we're leaving on vacay a day earlier than we are. Grant you it turned out to work out for the best because I'm much more prepared that I usually am. But that's not the point! The point IS he knows and this could be dangerous. I'm treading unfamiliar waters here and I would be lying if I didn't say I'm nervous. The boy knows too much!

In other news, we didn't win the door-decorating contest in our apartment building, mr.jack didn't seem all to upset about it. But my competitive spirit would not be quashed by a "bad judgment" and I firmly believe that WE were the best decorated but that the judges were swayed by the fact we won last time. Now that could be so very not true but it helps me sleep at night, so what's one teeny fib between mentally unstable neurons?

As I alluded to earlier, we're leaving on vacay. Mr.jack has planned everything and for a control freak like myself that's a little scary. I equate this vacation to one of those corporate retreats where people fall into other people's arms to build trust or something. Considering he's swiped my instruction manual, I figure I'm in good hands. But we'll see. I'm somewhat optimistic but I'm also OCD so this could be interesting.

Monday, October 25


sometimes it just takes the littlest thing to drive me crazy, which makes me think maybe I am really really close to crazy. I mean if it only takes a little push from an annoying repeating sound, say my boss' obnoxious internal computer fan, to make me want to rip out the fan with my bare hands and crush it's metallic spirit against a wall, is it really that far-fetched to think the looney bin isn't too far away?

what is the line between crazy and sane? is it the border between california and the rest of the world? cause if so, then i lamely admit they've gotten to me.

Goddess of Night

Hmm..this is actually rather me. I'm surprised.

You are the Goddess of Night. You are much
differant than the Goddess of Darkness, you are
beautiful and full of passion and life, but you
often stay locked inside yourself. Chances are
that you're a poet or other artist, and create
beautiful works. Some people are drawn to you
and others percieve you as a freak, but don't
listen to what others have to say, just listen
to yourself. You have a passion for words and
chances are you love Shakespere and the like.
You want to surround yourself with people who
accept but often feel like nobody likes you,
but remember that's not true, and you have a
lot to offer, just believe in yourself. As for
love, you are either too trusting or you trust
no one. Guys are stupid, unless you find one
that will see you for who you really are and
not how others percieve you. You tend to
either one extreme or the other, hardley ever
in the middle. Just listen to yourself and you
will go far. Rock On

What are you goddess of?
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Sunday, October 24

What he's missing I have & vice versa.

Stonehenge had cel phones.
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(If you look at the guy standing in the back you'll notice he's using his cel.)

Yesterday, mr.jack and I had to make a run up to Davis to get his wallet. mr.jack has a certain knack for forgetting things of non-importance (e.g. his wallet, keys, etc.) from time to time. This habit used to annoy me, and I'd be lying if I said it didn't bother me this past Saturday, but on the thirty minute car trip I realized. For every minute little flaw he has he's got seven great features that I wish I had. Sure I don't lose my keys that often but I can lose my temper and let the smallest little something get under my skin. While mr.jack doesn't at all. He's very easy breezy and I'm Japonesey to quote Utada's latest song. So maybe I'm not the perfect person I think I am from time to time but neither is he and that makes us perfect. We both know each other's faults but love each other despite them. And who knows maybe I can teach him to keep track of his keys and he can teach me how to find peace.

Thursday, October 21

if my mind were a room...

my mother would be saying "clean it up!"

not that my head is dirty, though it can be, but more that it feels disorganized. there's been so much happening in the world, so much good..with so much bad pending that it's hard for me to focus on one thing. instead i get lost in the beautiful mess between my ears and whittle away time to nothing.

-the guy who just walked by oustide kinda looked like joey ramone with a scarf on that looked like it was from the gap, but didn't want to be.
-the boston red sox won and my first thought wasn't "boy is this historical" but rather i wonder what jennifer garret has to say about this.
-i had nachos today with po and mr. jack. they were yummy and near the end when the beans were dashed with cheese drips and guacamole cities had tomato capitals, i kinda thought it was pretty and that I could sell a picture of it in a gallery.
-am i more mad at myself today for being mad at mr.jack for not getting up or for being mad at myself for being mad at him for not getting up. and how lame does it make me that i just want us to be happy so i'd rather not be mad cause that disrupts what i'd rather have.
-i would really really like to stay up and listen to loveline in bed. cause mr.jack always makes me laugh when we do that. and i enjoy little more than just cuddling in the warm sheets with my pink skeleton bear and him and laughing.

that's mind is cleaner, more organized, and decisive (two out of three ain't bad, right?). now to get the house in order after my WW meeting.

Wednesday, October 20

too old for this young skin

'this is for you yamagata's'
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I've always been told, by my mother mostly, that I'm a very mature person. And because I'€™ve heard that a trillion times over, I think either a) I am mature for my age or b) have become mature for my age. Either way, sometimes I feel old in this young skin. So I try and break up my life of maturity with fits of spontaneous fits of youthfulness. For example, today I'm wearing a nice proper looking pants and respectable red top combo. Nothing cute, nothing fun, nothing young, but under my big black boots lurk monkey socks! Hot red monkey socks complete with toe sockets. But even these_wild_youthful indulgences can seem tame from time to time, so I step it up.

Last night was just such an occasion. I went to SF to see a concert! Not a big deal for your average raver/twinkie but for me it was huge. My poison of choice: Rachael Yamagata. She's a soulful young thing with eyes that speak of maturity that I haven'€™t even found yet. But her words, while deep, seem lightened by their romantic subject matter. Her songs don'€™t speak of saving the world but rather of finding her love and her place to stand called home.

So here I am standing amongst many people, some younger a few older than myself, listening to a person who in a strange way mirrors myself. She'€™s young yet her spirit is old. Her concerns are lighthearted and youthful but her reasoning is deep and frock with age old wisdom.

Last night, I found comfort in my own too young skin in the strangest places: in the middle of too many people's personal space in uncomfortably cute boots with a rainy grey hoodie.

Monday, October 18

October 16--The Sweetest Day

The Sweetest Day
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Earlier this week, while I was checking out close I am to DST ending, I noticed another day of specialty upon the horizon, "The Sweetest Day." Personally, I've never heard of it before but I have to say upon reflection it lived up to it's name.

That morning, mr. jack came in at 6 a.m. from Jenny's house. After hours and hours of shadowrunning with the boys, he'd returned home in one piece. (A non-disembodied husband is always a good start to any day let alone the sweetest one.) We snuggled and cuddled and slept in and in until around 10 when I finally pulled myself from the bed. He joined me and we played a bit of Leisure Suite Larry, an incredibly raunchy game that often makes even mr. jack "ew" in perverted disgust. But let it be known that I enjoy every foul minute of it.

About midday, Serina (a friend from the last job) called to let me know she was on her way to pick me up. Karen (another friend from the job) and Serina came up with the clever idea to have a tea party. We had such a great time! Miranda (Karen's daughter), Karen, Serina and I all sipped tea from delicate little cups and ate yummy sandwiches or quiches and finished up with yummy little cakes. Then back to Karen's big house that looks quite lovely and homey considering it's large size. While there Miranda, Serina and I played Barbies. It'd been a while since I delved into the land of Ms. Barbie & Associates but I'm happy to report that it's easy to pick up again. Perhaps my gossip hounding and interest in fashion gave me an unfair advantage of Serina, but I play to win. Even if it is just Barbies.

After I showed 'em how Barbie is played, Serina dropped me off at Jenny's house for game night. While mr. jack, Dave and John finished up their Shadowrun game, Jenny and I gave Cookie pets and watched X. X, btw, is a VERY GOOD anime that's available from netflix, Ellie! Then the boys joined us and Jenny tortured us with Miyuki-chan in Wonderland, a bad bad bad attempt at risque anime ala Clamp. So since Dave now needed to wash the memory of Miyuki-chan from his mind, we went to Suzie's, local pRon seller. While there I found the smallest little “guy” I’ve ever seen. 3 inches, TOTAL. And in any sex shop very small and very big equal very funny.

After finding nothing in our price range at Suzie’s we returned home to Jenny’s with KFC. After we finished off dinner the boys were ready for another ‘run.’ I’ve always not so secretly tortured mr.jack for playing Shadowrun. And for some reason when I said ‘I do’ last month, a switch flipped and I’ve wanted to become more involved in everything he’s involved in. Turns out I had a great time! The boys (po, john, dave, and mr.jack) and I teamed up for two ‘runs.’ I had a great time as the "Face." Now I can see why mr.jack enjoys it so.

But even aside from all of that, the sweetest part of "The Sweetest Day" wasn’t even on 10/16. While we were driving home at 4 in the morning mr.jack said..."You're definetely the COOL wife." What can I say the man knows the way to my heart & my ego.

Friday, October 15


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Lat night after making my pie crust for this weekend's game night I had an enlightenment. Several in fact.

1) I'm not as bad at doing dishes as my dad lead me to believe.

2) Our 'Hot Water' faucet really means it.

3) Doing this dishes isn't the big effort and pain in the arse that I made it out to be.

Now, I'm not saying I'm ready to switch chores with Jourdan or anything but I certainly won't mind cleaning up after myself now.

Doing dishes = 15 minutes with wet hands. Realizing you're not as bad at basic chores as you thought = enlightening.

Thursday, October 14

Mr. Meow Pants

Mr. Meow Pants
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I was surfing flickr today and found this picture.

Recently during my "I must do it NOW!" cleaning tirade I misplaced the wires that connect my camera to my mactacular for downloading my works of art. So for the time being, said art, is residing on my camera. Mr. jack came up with a nifty way to download them by switching the camera memory disk with his mom's camera (but I know she'll be calling for it soon!) so I don't want to get too used to this situation as it will be at best temporary.

Speaking of temporary, I had a nice temporary feeling of joy as I won a lovely blank t-shirt from the campus bookstore today. This week all of..or most of UCD is getting pumped about homecoming. I think most students are just focused on getting into the swing of classes, hooking up, or drinking. But I'm not part of the student population so I can't really say that I have my finger on the pulse of student UCD life.

The sky is pretty pink today because of all the fires in Reno lately. Yesterday I noticed all the shadows were pink and didn't know why. Today I found out! So I've take a picture of the view outside my window for posterity. Course it'll probably be historical by the time I get my camera wire back. *sigh*

things I like...

Not being afraid of a scary movie we netflixed because I'm curled up with you and listening to your heartbeat.

Wednesday, October 13

It's Fatal...I'm so in love....

Signs that I'm hooked...

1) You're the background of my beloved mactacular, even after I've downloaded snazzy new holiday backgrounds from pixel girl.

2) Little notes you've written get put up on my "wall of fame" at my office.

3) When you stay home for a day off, all I can think about is how long before I get to see you again.

I'm so in love with my husband that it even makes me sick sometimes. OY! Today mr.jack opted to take advantage of the fact he's an official UC employee and take a day off. So while I'm having lunch with the Po at Sam's we're talking about him (in a nice way). And while I'm working, I'm looking at the clock thinking about a) what is he doing, b) when can I go home to him, or c) it's STILL ONLY 3:17?!?!? I'm hooked on a feeling ala BJ Thomas and I'm afraid there's no cure. Not even more cowbell could help me now. *sigh*

Tuesday, October 12

"So, right now I'm in my closet.."

So, right now I'm in my closet..
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Sunday, mr. jack, Po, and I went to go see his house. It's still in the formative stages and isn't really much more than some concrete and some wood planks with the odd plastic pipe every so often. It's really a great experience that I've had the privilege to get involved in. I got to go to the design center and oh and ah over floor tiles and banisters while munching on free carrots. And I've been able to visit the site from time to time for the odd picture. The first time we went, I was sans camera but this time I was slightly more prepared and borrowed Jourdan's mom's instead. I got to snap a few shots, (as you see here) before we were run off by the law in the form of a rent-a-cop. He quickly shooed us off the site and I seemed to be the only one opposed to him doing so. When did I get so obstinate toward the law? Or is it just the "semi-law" enforcers that burn my toast? Either way, Paul didn't seem to want to start a feud with anyone and we scuttled on quickly. I did get a few choice shots and I'll make sure to a get a few more. So until my next run in with the "semi-law" I'll be safe. I wonder if this is how the journalists in Iraq got their start.

Monday, October 11

Rats! Foiled again!

Josie & Daddy
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I took this photo a couple of days ago and just found it to be sooo cute. Since I've been using my camera loads more than usual, mr. jack and I were surfing through my iPhoto library for fun. Checking out pictures of Josie when she was a wee kitten and cruising through pictures of mini-breaks with friends. While perusing the library of nonsensical pictures, I noticed a theme of pictures of me sleeping. Each time we'd run over one, mr. jack would stop, smile, and give the appropriate "ah." I on the other hand would get a little upset at having my precious slumber invaided. I suppose I could take less naps but let's be honest that's SO NOT going to happen. So I decided a few days ago that alls fair in love and napping pictures. And since mr. jack doesn't nap often I'd have to strike early in the morning, which I did. But unfortunately, either the camera was too loud or I sleep like a rock (more of the latter) because before the revenge shot could even get taken, mr. jack pulled down his boxers and gave me a nice shot of his cheek. Alas he still has the upperhand but I have a picture of his uppercheek so I suppose all's even until next time. *bwhahahaha*

P.S. I'm so obviously not posting that picture.

Friday, October 8

i was killed by a former child star..

Talk about freaking me out...geez am I glad I changed MY name!

Former child star Mark Everett has been placed on America's most wanted list after being accused of beating his girlfriend to death and then kidnapping their son Benjamin.

The actor, who appeared in films like "Pee Wee's Big Adventure" and "Stand & Deliver," is accused of murdering Stephanie Spears in her Hawthorne, Calif., apartment.

Cops have tracked Everett and his son down to an apartment block in Santa Monica, Calif., but they fear the former actor may have already moved on, or is being sheltered by a friend.

Spears' distraught mother and Benjamin's grandmother, April Morris, is begging anyone with information to come forward.

She says, "It makes me paranoid and nervous. It's like, if you do that to Stephanie, what would you do to Benjamin? Please, somebody, have the heart to turn him (Everett) in."

Not it's not Kansas, it's CA

Not it's not Kansas, it's CA
Originally uploaded by mrsjack.
This isn't exactly the stereotypical CA that most would think of. Heck it wasn't what I thought of when I came out here either, but driving past this and other stretches of farm land comfort me. It's kind of like Oklahoma-lite. A little taste of home as I travel about my day in my new homeland.

Thursday, October 7

i'm so blue

I took this test to find out my color. Turns out I'm blue. Would have preferred being pink but I suppose blue isn't bad. Could have been worse..I could have been Gray Davis.

You're the color blue. You have the three c's in
life--you're cool, caring and confident.
What color are you? (Amazingly detailed & accurate--with pics!)
brought to you by Quizilla

Wednesday, October 6

soup ala Shel by mrs.jack

I'm a huge Shel Silverstein fan, always have been or at least since the 1st grade. I've curled up and fallen asleep to the greats, Hug of War & practically_everything_in Where The Sidewalk Ends. I recall sitting/laying on the floor/playing with the velcro on my sneakers while Ms. Kaufman or Ms. Vanderpool read from the Silverstein library. Regardless of my age, there has always been something very pied-piperish about his stories, poems, and fables.

So it is with this love of all things Shel that I post today. My bestest friend, Ellie has recently been in the habit of having chicken noodle soup for breakfast. And I can't help but think that her story of love of chicken noodle soup for breakfast would make a great Shel poem. So I'd like to say thanks to El for inspiring me and reminding me of one of the best things from my kidhood.

Soup by Shel
by mrs. jack

There's a little girl
in a very big world
who likes to have soup
for breakfast

She enjoys the taste
and lets none go to waste
when she has soup
for breakfast

she goobles up
from her chicken noodle cup
when she has soup
for breakfast

each day she
doesn't eat much
but she always has soup
for breakfast

try to find her one day
as you're on your morning way
having her soup
for breakfast

you with your coffee cup
her with her noodle cup
having her soup
for breakfast

she might not smile
while slurping noodles in style
as she's having her soup
for breakfast

but know she'd say 'how do you do?'
to all of you
if she wasn't busy having soup
for breakfast.

Tuesday, October 5

Josie from the Westside

Josie from the Westside
Originally uploaded by mrsjack.
Has animal torture ever been so cute?

(Geez is PETA going to get all over my ass if they see this! Hopefully they're still riding high on their foie gras victory.)

Scrabble Game 10-4-04

Scrabble Game 10-4-04
Originally uploaded by mrsjack.
Sunday, we busted out the new Scrabble set we got from one of Jourdan's friends as a wedding gift. Jourdan hooked up with all his old high school friends at a recent Sam's apartment warming party. So Sunday, after a big lunch we decided to test our minds, our ability to spell and Josie's ability to NOT chew on the tiles with a game. I'd love to say I won but I did give it the all-american try, that being I started out with promises of success, slowed down during the middle, and came in way behind even with some finagling of the rules and points. Being an all american just isn't what it used to be.

Monday, October 4

Banana Pie & Salty Crust

Sunday, I finally pinned down some time with the Po (Paul) and together we made a rather untasty pie. I really wanted to make piecrust, since I've never done it before and my great-grandmother (whom I've never met) used to make FAB-U-LOUS piecrust according to Dad. I figured if I could make piecrust as well or better than maybe it was some cool way that both she and I were connected.

Well obviously, the connection between here and the afterlife goes through the Dead Sea 'cause my piecrust was a bit salty and not too sweet. I'm glad that I had the slice of pie yesterday from Rick's so I could have a good basis to work from. Anyway, even if it was a bit too salty in my opinion, nothing could overtake the monstrosity inside the pie walls. The first level was pure chocolate (a fine start), the second level a layer of chopped bananas, the third a level of chocolate pudding, and the fourth a concoction of the remainder of the chocolate pudding mixed with the banana pudding. When mixed together the formed a peanut butter colored blob of bad taste. *shrug* Oh well! At least the crust turned out okay. I'm certainly going to use pie weights next time but for a first time it wasn't too bad.

I'm actually tempted to stop by the grocery store tonight, pick up some more filling and whip up another pie. (This new hobby is not timely, considering my renewed commitment to WW.)

Once again, my stomach has it out for me. ;)

Sunday, October 3

I Love Graffiti

I Love Graffiti
Originally uploaded by mrsjack.
Geez, work is really getting in the way of my blogging. Shame on you financial security!

So, on Thursday night, Paul, Jenny, Jourdan and I all went to see Paul's cement pond (a.k.a. his foundation). Seems Paul has decided to own a piece of Natomas and we were all the lucky ones who got to see it during the early stages. Jenny, was clever!, and brought her camera to take some pictures. I on the other hand left mine on the couch to rest. It'd had a hard day of sitting in my purse with the anxious anticipation of clicking away at Paul's house. Oh well, I'm over it...(not really).

Afterwards, we went to IHOP for some grub. Jenny had coupons! I had a deck of Mulan cards that someone gave at the wedding! And Jourdan had a grilled cheese with pickle, that I lifted. I also had the chicken fried steak dinner. I'm pleased to say not only was it edible but it was very yummy and hit the spot for this transplanted 'Grape.' Then were were off to see kitties, namely Jenny's, and then home so that I could get my sims2 on. (I've got a wee bit of a problem.)

Friday was work and I got NO blogging done! But I did get some work done. Sometimes it feels like it's either or. Now that Karen is back from Hawaii, the work is flowing again so I've been busy.

Saturday, today, was nice. Jourdan and I went to our WW meeting. He's almost at his goal weight and I lost a pound. WOO HOO! 30#s total! So, how does mrs. jack celebrate a 30# loss? Why a slice of cherry pie from Rick's dessert diner, of course! Jourdan and I shared one as I've come to learn that bad things shared are less bad. While on the way to my sinful celebration, I ran across a couple of interesting graffiti tags all saying "I love you" with red paint in diffent ways. The first five or so that I saw I couldn't quite pick out what it was saying and this is the one where I finally detected the not-so-secret message.